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Wednesday, 12/01/2021 2:05:09 PM

Wednesday, December 01, 2021 2:05:09 PM

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NMGC .033 +10%%, OBMP/ELEK style .05-8$ Flote Lokkt Down play now with 2 WEAKS INCIDRR FRUNTLODE that startd Nov. 15!!

Wutt do tha fruntlodeing incidrrs know.. that U dont??

NMGC alreddy maed 2 payouts since 9/15 on ONE WEAK incidrr frunlodes,,
OBMP and ELEK maed .05- 8$ payoutz aftrr ONE WEAK fruntlodez, OBMP haz maed TWO 100 bagg payoutz thiz year aftrr ONE WEAKincidrr fruntlodez



so this tyme itz prolly tha Big One Hear at NMGC ,,, 8$ Price targit set four this weak or nexxxxt,,

Tha chartz dont lie,, and becuz these tikkerz trade by appointmint tharz NO CHANCE to gitt tha 100-200 bagg payoutt on these incidrr-fruntloded Flote Lokkt Downn playz unless U fruntlode during tha same weak the incider fruntlodez,, Now Gongg onn Hear at NMGC since 11/15,,

in tha

//// L-O-A-D-I-N-G Z-O-N-E ////

Will this Thurd Incidrr fruntlode maek tha 200 bagg payout,,,
After .20 April Hi, Blue Skiez are all tha wayy to 8-10$ price targit liek OBMP and ELEK

NMGC All tha Duxxxx rr in arow,,just liek at OBMP/ELEK

tikk tikka