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Monday, 11/01/2021 12:46:26 PM

Monday, November 01, 2021 12:46:26 PM

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NMGC UT++ 0.0362/0.043, 3's are G.O.N.E. 4eva, Now offishully in playe,,
237k servd today and cudd be no moar sharez left for sale undrr 10$ xxxxcept for tha 50k sitting for sale at .043 U see now,,, Only $2150
in sharez left on tha taybull... letz do tha mathf

$2150 into $21,500 at NMGC .43 (only a dubble frum April.20 highs)
$2150 into $215,000 at NMGC $4.30 (just half of similar OBMP "flote lokkt down" payout 2 weaks ago)
$2159 into $2,150,000 at NMGC $43.00 (tha mega kash flow targit on a markit makrr short squeeze on a "flote lokkt dowen" play)

Betr gitt in now b4 NMGC hitz tha momo playur skanzz... frum hear to .20 iz free munny,, then blue skye aftrr that to 50-100 price targit$$$$$$

Tha play of tha millenium,, in tha

///L-O-A-D-I-N-G Z-O-N-E///

Fruntlode with tha incider fruntloders*

*75k BIG BLOCK power buy at .04($3000) printed just 2 hours ago

Wutt do tha incidrrs fruntlodeing big bloxxxx know.. that U dont?

Nexxxxt OBMP .05-8$ "Flote Lokkt Downe" playe runnr rite hear,,,
Totally fruntloded by incidrrs ,,, No Bagholdrs in tha way ,,
Infakt once NMGC brakes April .20 Highs,, the blue skye above goes all tha way to 50$-100$,,, NMGC wuz 9$ on nazdak in 2009 wuth tha saem flote

Finashuls realst Sept. 17 and now just waiting on tha BIG reverse murger deal for tha Mega Cash Flowe payout of tha century,, Dont miss tha fastist and eziest munny U will maek all decake ... just sitting ther gittin fruntloded by inciders .. on tha taybul at NMGC

Nowe iz tha tyme, NMGC iz tha place,,, OBMP iz tha price and performants Model, lookit:

tikk tikka