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Re: Potse post# 4375

Saturday, 09/11/2021 6:42:38 PM

Saturday, September 11, 2021 6:42:38 PM

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PIHG(1.50)...increased position.....

Yes. Added 926 shares today (holding 13.95K shares at a $1.61 average). So I own more than 18.4% of the current 75.6K unrestricted share count.

Definitely a high-risk play I am making here. This investment could ultimately turn out to a complete waste of my time/money. But it also has the potential to turn into a decent home run under the right conditions.

I picked up another 1K shares at $1.50 on Friday to add to my position. I am crossing my fingers here a little bit and hoping that management will get the verified profile completed and be a little more consistent/timely with its filing obligations moving forward.

From a number/variety of standpoints, there is very obvious and considerable risk involved in owning this stock. There are still a lot of unknowns here, things I don't completely understand, but I remain intrigued enough to want to keep my position and give this investment some more time.

The stock still has not really experienced any significant bounce that you would normally see after a change in control. That huge share price spike that PIHG's sister stock (HAFG) experienced earlier this year has yet to be duplicated here. Investors have been looking at tightly-held share structures a little more favorably recently (perhaps a trend that might continue after September 2021), so that gives me some additional reason to keep holding for awhile.

In one of my previous posts, I included a snippet from an article that provided a description of PIHG's business plan......

Multi-Industry Holding Group was incorporated on November 27, 2018. It is an American multi-industry group company headquartered in New York. There are many companies under the group, the service scope covers many industries such as big consumption, big health, big cultural tourism, real estate property, jewelry art, catering chain and so on. The core business is to provide enterprises with a new generation of business strategy analysis and aggregate forecast analysis, accurately locate the risks and opportunities that may be encountered in the development of the enterprise, so that decision-makers can obtain the expected results through the strategic plan, while controlling costs and risks.

The development plan of the Multi-Industry Holding Group is to "build a big ecology, incubate a group of unicorns, and build a good team" as the goal, and grow together through the company's own industry incubation and empowering partners. At present, the company has established a comprehensive operating system platform based on industrial research, basic services, business incubation, talent cultivation, and cross-industry cooperation, as well as services based on business development, asset operation, publicity roadshows, fund venture capital, supply chain finance and other services. Branch industry.

Below is the most recent PIHG business description I could find. It is from a HAFG-related job posting this week (financial/accounting department)......

Multi-Industry Holdings is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HAFG. It mainly provides industrial securitization financial services to high-quality projects in the entire industrial chain at home and abroad, and designs corresponding securities according to its industrial chain.???? Of the program. Securitization plans include but are not limited to sorting out business and financial management systems, standardizing financial processes, and providing listing platform support (brand management, product and service business cooperation, etc.). In addition, Multi-Industry Holdings provides overseas IPO listings and issuances, SPACS refinancing, private equity financing (CMPOS), registration instructions (RDs), marketable securities (ATMs), private equity funds (PIPEs), fixed income ( FIXs) and other planning services.

Exactly what the PIHG business plan is (or will be) and how it meshes with everything in the HAFG-universe, I don't know yet. But if the plan (or partial plan) is to be somewhat of a holding company, that intrigues me a little bit. Based on what I have read on the HAFG website and some third-party articles, it is my belief that HAFG may have a good pipeline of companies it will be helping to bring to the public markets over the next few years. The possibility that PIHG might be involved to some extent in that is something I find a bit interesting.

Again, very high-risk type of investment. Very few people seem interested in this stock and management hasn't really done a lot to inspire excitement in HAFG/PIHG up to this point. So it is very possible my money will just sit in this stock, accumulating dust/mildew. Or maybe one day out of the wild blue this stock starts to catch some momentum similar to what happened to HAFG, and the wait/patience finally pays off. Somewhat a roll of the dice at the moment.

You can find a few pictures of the PIHG listing ceremony from earlier this year on the HAFG website......