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03/09/22 8:46 PM

#4415 RE: Potse #4399 plan from LinkedIn account......

Based on the business plan description on the recently-created PIHG LinkedIn account, it appears the company will provide financings/investments for other businesses. Since the business plan seems to be somewhat similar to what the previous owner had, and a PIHG-related website was recently registered and brought online, I would assume that new President Simon Littlewood probably plans on keeping the current name.

FINRA seems to be turning what should be just very simple name/symbol changes into a lengthy process/ordeal for companies. So keeping the name the same is just one less headache that new management would have to deal with.

Listed on the US OTC Stock market (code: PIHG), the company finances sustainable businesses, using both traditional and new finance tools including digital assets, defi, nft, crypto, blockchain, carbon credits, share swaps and private equity.