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Re: joe botts post# 44345

Friday, 04/09/2021 5:36:58 PM

Friday, April 09, 2021 5:36:58 PM

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I never had ENZ*C, but I had 15 million shares of TSN*P from 0.0078 and ALP*P average 0.09 618,000 shares, those two each made me well over 7 figures each, my accountant told be prepared for some hefty short term capital gains, I told him, that is good problem to have. This has the making of ENZ*C possibly much better. This science is huge, mRNA, groundbreaking technology the same science that Moderna uses, there is more this story than what we already know. I have never in my half a century of trading, since 1986 to be exact, when stock were quoted in fractions, never, seen a stock come out of limelight and register 600 gain the first day and already garnered so much attention that on its first day got on all fronts of breakout boards on IHUB, breakouts, hourly most watched, hourly changed most watched and already on top by a huge margin, never see a stock get on redditors this early in stage, usually takes a fews days, weeks, months for that to happen, never seen overnight 2000 plus more watchers on stock twits, never seen a stock that was up 600% the previous day run another almost 100% the next day, the powers that know where this is heading to they already have a game plan. You people need to know what you own, if you don't you are missing out on the biggest picture that could really bolster your trading account. The secret is knowing what you own, once you know that, you will start having a cult mentality, the most successful stocks have cult mentality, starting with TSL*A, MR*NA, TSN*P, ALL*P, those are longterm holders with diamond hands, you should not sweat over daily fluctuations, once this above 5 cents it will move fast because that is the next psychological barrier, once that is achieved the next one is 10 cents and so on until we officially hit the 20 cents mark. I am not much of technical guy, I look at market cap and use my own metrics and analysis to draw my own conclusions as where this might end up going to. All I know is this company has a great tech in the cancer area, both pancreatic and colon cancer, remember this science to someone and extend their lives, that right there is priceless, so we can't justify an accurate price targets, but I wholeheartedly believe this will easily see 300-500 bare minimum million market cap by at last end of May. There is nothing wrong with taking profits, that is always good, in-fact real good because that gives a chance for new blood to take over, always be content with the profits, but do not try to talk negative to get back in, I will have respect for you. Rule number one for, once I get out, I will never get back in and as pertains to this ticker, I will be here for at least when we reach 300-500 million market then I will reevaluation the situation. I am not a type of guy to sell half and ride the freebies, you see, I have brass balls, I am in or I am out, I plan on staying with this until this reaches comfortably the market cap of 300-500 million. This is destined to hit big numbers, evidently it was proven yesterday and it has been proven again today, that in itself is a rarity in OTC land especially on a Friday. Very impressive close most definitely and the market spoke yesterday loud and clear and the same thing happened today loud and clear, almost 100 million dollars in volume both days combined and is not going to be let up anytime soon, this is going to be the hottest ticker for the next months. Bottom line, know what you own and hold those shares with diamond hands, remember to take profits, greed is not good, sell to the Youngbloods if they want your shares, but for me, I don't plan on selling anything at all because I know how much my shares are worth, they are easily worth anywhere between 300-500 million dollars as it stands, I might have raise my price targets once I see what is the next catalyst for this ticker and their science, but for the present time, this is worth easily 300-500 million market cap until further notice.