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+++++PART FOUR-$ACRL/ CEO RAMBLINGS-DEC.21,2018-THRU-02-18-2019/Annual Meeting of Atacama Resources

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+++++PART FOUR-$ACRL/ CEO RAMBLINGS-DEC.21,2018-THRU-02-18-2019/Annual Meeting of Atacama Resources International Inc.


I first wish to thank all of you who took time to participate in
this year's Annual Meeting of Atacama Resources International Inc.


From all the feedback received to date I feel that I can call it a success.

The Board wanted to reach out and include as many shareholders
as possible and therefore decided to hold it via webinar.

Special thanks goes out to the Company's Director of Corporate Communications, Mr. Allan Flasch for his technical abilities
it possible for investors to participate from
Nome Alaska to the Florida Keys.

All the Board members made presentations as to Atacama's
over the past year and commented on the Company's future plans.


intended to enlighten our interested shareholders
and other friends of the company about Atacama Resources and
the progress the company is making in the global mining business.

Our focus is on gold, cobalt and graphite and the company could
not be in a better place to capitalize on these strategic
materials going forward.

However, today’s Ramblings is released to clear the air regarding
the company’s position on a variety of topics.

The investor boards have been very active recently with both negative and positive news.

The comments on the boards are completely unsubstantiated and
the company needs to set the record straight.

Atacama Resources is not selling ACRL shares on the market.

Atacama Resources has not signed a convertible debt instrument in
over a year.

Any recent conversions from debt to shares have been mandated
by conversion rights set up over a year ago. The company had hoped to pay off the debt but funds were not available and the debt holders exercised their right to convert.

Atacama Resources is not going to increase or decrease the company’s Authorized Shares.

Atacama Resources is not signing any new convertible debt notes.

Finally, Atacama Resources is on track to file the company’s
annual financial report with OTC Markets in a matter of days.

The company’s outside accountant will then immediately work on the
2018 quarterly financials and those will be filed as soon as possible.

The 2018 year end financials are not due until late march 2019
and Atacama Resources will be considered current after the 2018 quarterlies are filed.

Keep in mind that our SEC attorney will review both the financials
and associated notes to provide the necessary legal opinion that
is part of the filing process.

I hope that I have made the company’s position clear.

the company has nothing to do with the investor boards but we have
an obligation to refute incorrect statements,
whether intentional or not, to protect the reputation of the company.

Malicious statements are sometimes noted and these statements
cannot go unchallenged.

Until next time, this is Glenn Grant, CEO Atacama Resources.









The DAVOS meetings in Switzerland this week are good news for Atacama.

Let me explain why.

Every year at this time the world's movers and shakers meet to
attempt to determine what the upcoming years economy will be.

Last year was totally optemistic. All looked good.

This year things really quite different.

The mood is one of pessimism.

The President of China is not attending as his economy is in the
worst slumber for the past 20 years.

President Trump is not there as his Government is partially closed
down and not functioning.

President Macron of France is dealing with violence and protests on
the streets of Paris,
The PM of the UK is dealing with Brexit.
The President of India is in a political fight for his life.
Climate change,
income inequality,
tech change,
high debt levels,
populism, etc
all pose a threat to the world order.

These are unstable times unquestionably.

Investors are looking to a safe haven to put their money.

Many think GOLD is the answer.

The World Gold Council, as well as Goldman Sacks,
are totally bullish on gold.

They predict that gold should reach at least a
value of $1425/ oz later this year.

All this is to explain why Atacama is focusing on developing
it's major gold properties this spring.
For further clarification, check the article I have attached.
I am Glenn Grant,
CEO of

Frank Holmes - U.S. Global Investors | Jan. 14, 2019, 4:42 PM |


An update to the Periodic Table of Commodity Returns.
Goldman Sachs issues an overweight recommendation for gold and commodities.

Paradigm Capital says royalty companies are the “best bet”
in metals and mining.

Our ever-popular Periodic Table of Commodity Returns has been
updated for 2018 and is now available on the U.S. Global Investors website!
I invite you to get lost using the interactive feature,
which easily allows you to highlight a certain commodity,
the top performer, the most volatile and more.

Explore the new periodic table of commodity returns 2018

Palladium was the best performing commodity for the second year in
a row, returning 18.59 percent in 2018 after ending the previous
year up a phenomenal 56.25 percent.

As we’ve noted before in the
Investor Alert and
palladium and
gold prices are now near parity,
with a razor-thin spread of only around $2 separating the two at
the moment.

Late last year, the white metal actually overtook the
yellow metal for the first time since 2001 on increased demand
from automobile manufacturers.

*****More than 80 percent of world supply is used in the production of catalytic converters.*****

Not to be outdone,
gold ended 2018 on a high note,
beating global equities and commodities for the fourth quarter.

And as I mentioned last week,
it was the sixth most liquid asset class,
with daily trading volumes nearly identical to that of S&P 500 companies.

Goldman bullish on gold, forecasts $1,425
With a majority of investors now betting that the current rate

hike cycle has peaked,
the U.S. dollar looks to be in retreat,
having lost about 1.7 percent over the past month.

Mike McGlone, commodity strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence,
writes that he believes the
“2019 dollar downtrend has legs.”

This is constructive for
metals and
commodities in general,
gold specifically.

Today, in fact, the yellow metal achieved a “golden cross,”
whereby the
50-day moving average crosses
above the 200-day moving average—a very bullish sign.


Among those that are most bullish on the precious metal is Goldman Sachs.

In a report this week, the investment bank maintained its overweight recommendation
and raised its 12-month price forecast up
from $1,350 an ounce to $1,425,
a level last seen in August 2013.

Goldman analysts contend that the gold price “will be supported primarily by growing demand for defensive assets,
with a slower pace of Fed rate hikes in 2019 boosting demand
only marginally.”

The World Gold Council (WGC) made a similar case in its 2019 outlook this week,
predicting that global investors will
“continue to favor gold as an effective diversifier and
hedge against systemic risk.”

The rise in protectionist policies around the world is chief
among the risks since they tend to lead to higher inflation
and slower economic growth over the long term, according to the WGC.

I believe the current government shutdown,
over funding for a wall along the southern border,
is evidence of the risks protectionist policies pose.

Soon to be the longest in U.S. history,
the shutdown could start to take a toll on the economy the longer
it lasts, according to
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell,
and perhaps even cost the U.S. its triple-A credit rating.

Commodities could also be a buy right now
Goldman Sachs isn’t just bullish on gold.

Commodities also look like a strong buy, the bank’s analysts say,
after prices were slashed late last year.
Before the fourth quarter, commodities were following the
“late-cycle playbook.”
Up 16 percent, they were the best performing asset class of 2018.

But with the
Fed now “on hold” and
there being “low risk” of a recession,
Goldman says it can now argue “with confidence”
that the sell-off last year was a “mid-cycle pause.”

This is actually good news for commodities, as mid-cycle pauses
have historically been a buying opportunity.

Look at the chart below.

It shows that,
with few exceptions,
commodity prices rallied in the days and weeks following a
“pause” signal from the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC).

And as you might already know, Powell recently commented that the
Fed “can afford to be patient” and
“flexible” when it comes to additional rate hikes.



Goldman maintains an overweight recommendation for commodities,
with a 12-month forecast of 9.5 percent.

Gold royalty companies are the “best bet,”
says Paradigm Capital
It’s no secret that I’m a fan of royalty and streaming companies.

(You can read my posts featuring Franco-Nevada and
Wheaton Precious Metals.)
I’ve long admired these companies for generating profits
and creating value, even when the metals market is flat or weak.

This week, Paradigm Capital reaffirmed my conviction in the royalty model.

The Canadian investment dealer shared its research into the
long-term performance of the various tiers in gold mining,
from juniors
to seniors,
from explorers to

The royalty companies—which include not just
Franco and
Wheaton but also

Royal Gold, Sandstorm and
Osisko Royalties—are the “best bet” when seeking to “make money in
gold equities,”
according to Paradigm’s senior analyst,
Don MacLean. He adds: “Royalty companies have the best business
model in the sector, by far.”

Below, you can see that royalty companies have outperformed
all other tiers, including gold itself.

They collectively delivered 16 percent in compound annual growth from 2004 to 2018.

Put another way,
they returned a massive 884 percent in cumulative change, compared to gold at 300 percent.



Many junior and
senior producers have struggled over the same time period,
but Paradigm writes that gold equities are like
“coiled springs” and
should outperform the precious metal if a
gold rally of 10 percent or more occurs.

Right now large-cap seniors are leading the rally,
having increased 24 percent over the past three months,
followed by intermediates (up 18 percent) and
royalty companies
(up 15 percent).

This is in line with past gold equity rallies,

Paradigm says, as the largest producers have historically performed
best at the start.

My focus lately has been on how the idea of
“peak gold”
might drive the need for mergers and acquisitions (M&As)
within the metals and mining industry.

It’s been almost a decade since the last round of deals,
and because there’s a sore lack of big discoveries right now
to replenish reserves,

I feel as if we’re due for more M&A activity this year.

The Barrick Gold-Randgold merger, announced last September,
might have been just the start of a new wave of consolidation.

Click here for a link to the original article.

By Frank Holmes
CEO and Chief Investment Officer
U.S. Global Investors



The Research Branch of Atacama works especially hard to keep
Board members informed of the very latest
developments and
changes associated with the Company’s mining
exploration and
development work..

As I have outlined in earlier Ramblings the end users of cobalt
are very concerned that
60% of cobalt production is currently done in the
Democratic Republic of Congo which is well known for its extensive corruption and violence.

Miners in the know predict that within five years the DRC will be producing
75% of the world's cobalt if new cobalt mines fail to be brought
on stream.

Cobalt users world wide are becoming desperate for
new cobalt mines in places like Canada.

This offers Companies like Atacama a wonderful opportunity to
proceed full bore to develop their cobalt properties.
For more along these lines check out the attached article.
I am Glenn Grant, CEO of

additional information/


Battery makers descend on Australia, Canada cobalt developers
MON, MAR 19, 2018 - 1:35 PM

[VANCOUVER] Nervous Asian battery makers are turning to
early-stage cobalt projects in Australia and Canada to lock
in supplies of the critical battery ingredient ahead of
expected shortages as demand for electric vehicles revs up.








Mine developers say interest from Japanese and Korean firms is particularly strong
as they compete with rivals from China,
which has built deep supply chain ties with the
Democratic Republic of Congo, the world's top producer.

The central African country accounts for nearly
two-thirds of global cobalt output and production
is set to rise despite concerns over the use of child miners
and rising royalties.

"We are starting to see the first signs of an arms race
to secure long term cobalt supplies,"
said Joe Kaderavek, chief executive of Australia's Cobalt Blue.

"With over 85 per cent of new global cobalt supply over the next
decade coming from Africa,
in a region where the Chinese have entrenched relationships,

the Korean and Japanese cobalt processing industries are very
focussed upon Australian and Canadian projects.

" South Korean battery maker SK Innovation Co Ltd locked in a
seven-year supply deal with Australian Mines last month,
helping to win funding for a project that has yet to make a
final investment decision and does not expect to produce any
cobalt until at least 2020.


At least half a dozen Australian and Canadian mine developers are currently in talks on
potential supply deals with battery and
automakers for production at some point beyond late 2019-2021,
company executives told Reuters.

These include Australia's Aeon Metals, Northern Cobalt and Cobalt Blue, and Canada's Ecobalt and Fortune Minerals.

China's Beijing Easpring Material Technology Co, which makes
products for battery makers,
has also signed a binding five-year deal with Australian mine developer Clean Teq .

"We are speaking to a number of parties about the balance of
the offtake
- that includes not just Chinese potential customers
but also customers from other parts of the world,"
Clean Teq's CEO Sam Riggall told Reuters.

In an indication of heightened demand,
Riggall said automotive companies were also showing interest,
along with cathode manufacturers,
the direct users of cobalt,
a key material in lithium-ion batteries.

production is set to rise sharply driven by
commodity giant Glencore Plc,
the world's biggest producer,
and Russia's ERG, taking DRC's share of global output to over 75 per cent by 2023,
according to UK-based Darton Commodities.

Glencore last week agreed to sell around a third of its cobalt production over the next
three years to Chinese battery recycler GEM Co Ltd.

Developments in Australia and Canada will be small to mid-size,
producing around 1,000 to 5,000 tonnes each,
in a global market expected to swell to some 157,000 tonnes by 2023.

Fortune Minerals said it has
signed 25 confidentiality agreements,

while Australia's Ardea Resources said it has seen significant interest.

"Certainly some of the groups that we have spoken to have said
that they won't look at DRC sources,
they want clean ethical sources of cobalt,"
said Ardea Managing Director Matthew Painter.

Japan's Panasonic, the main battery supplier to Tesla Inc,
said it was aware of issues in the DRC and was looking to
source some material elsewhere,
and it was also looking at lowering its dependency on cobalt.

"Regarding concerns about procuring cobalt and other raw materials,

we are addressing this by establishing advance procurement contracts

and developing new procurement routes,
" the company said in emailed comments.

South Korea's Samsung SDI and LG Chem declined to comment
specifically on procurement but also said they were looking at
other methods to source cobalt and to reduce usage.

RISKS REMAIN Despite surging share prices for some cobalt developers,

analysts warn the projects are not without risk,
given fickle technology and the high cost of processing out
contaminants like arsenic,
found in some North American operations.

Clean Teq shares more than doubled in the second half last year,
but have since slipped 20 per cent,
partly because it has twice delayed the date of its definitive feasibility study,
said Larry Hill, an analyst with Canaccord Genuity in Australia.

Still, the company easily raised A$150 million (S$154 million) this month, and pulled forward its production timeline by a year.

"There's still a lot of upside in any cobalt supply that is ex-DRC," said James Eginton,
an investment analyst with Sydney's Tribeca Global Natural Resources Fund, which took part in the raising.

"The challenges of the DRC make anything that comes out of anywhere else a lot more attractive."




I have explained in a number of former Ramblings the various reasons

the Board of Atacama decided to focus much of our efforts on
our major gold holdings.

have always been rather bullish on gold.

it is always comforting when others agree with you and especially
if they happen to be the world's most successful
international investment banks.



The attached article lists a number of them as well as the reasons
why they are so big on gold into 2019.

Needless to say,
these banks with their bullish gold positions simply encourage us
at Atacama to surge ahead with our ambitious gold development plans.

I am Glenn Grant,
CEO of http://www.acrlintl.com


2019 Gold Price Forecasts and Predictions from the Big Investment Banks
Alexander Trigaux, Editor, GoldSilver
DEC 10, 2018


It’s time for our roundup of the big investment banks and where they predict the gold price will go in 2019. Their forecasts, while as fallible as any others, are worth paying attention to for one reason.

These banks control enormous amounts of capital, so keeping an eye on where they stand vis a vis the gold price is worth monitoring.

So, presented here without further commentary, is a sampling of current institutional views on gold:

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs calls late-2018 gold prices ‘extremely attractive.’

"If U.S. growth slows down next year,
as expected, gold would benefit from higher demand for defensive assets,"
Goldman said. Their most recent 2019 price target was $1,325/oz.

JPMorgan Chase

“We see gold likely repricing lower through the middle of next year,

at which point the Fed’s policy will move into restrictive territory.

The curve will invert,
the expansion will slow and expectations of Fed easing will build.

At this juncture, we would expect real rates to move lower and gold’s fortunes to reverse,
as gold tends to benefit from consistent drop in real yields
during the lead up to recessions and thereafter.”

2019 gold price forecast: $1,294/oz.

Credit Suisse

“The USD has on average depreciated in the latter third of past expansions but there is a lot of variation across cycles,

so this is far from certain. In contrast, commodities and especially gold have tended
to appreciate consistently.” 2019 gold price forecast: $1,250

BOFA Merrill Lynch

“Gold is set to surge over the next year as concerns deepen about
the widening U.S. budget deficit
and a tariff-driven trade war starts to damage the country’s economy,

according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Bullion could average $1,350 an ounce in 2019 as corporate
tax reforms worsen the U.S. fiscal balance,

Francisco Blanch, head of global commodities and derivatives research, said.”

Abn Amro

“We think the risk reward for entering precious metals positions is quite attractive.

If our base scenario plays out,
it is likely that precious metal prices will rise this year and
next on the back of a cut back in speculative short positions.
2019 price target: $1,400.

expects gold to average $1,292/oz in 2019.

"With this aging equities rally globally,
if we do get some financial market uncertainty,
I think gold's likely avenue for a rally will be through a
rise in volatility,"
senior HSBC precious metals analyst Jim Steel said.


“According to the COT report,
hedge funds and managers keep betting on weak gold despite its recent rise. However,
Commerzbank’s analysts see this as a positive signal.
As the large speculators hold net-short positions for a long time,
the reversal moment should happen soon.

The bank predicts that as soon as the market gets a fresh catalyst, traders will close positions and the price will go up.

As a result, the bank forecasts a gold’s rise to $1,500 in 2019.”


Scotiabank’s forecast tables show a bullish 2019 forecast price of $1,300/oz.

TD Bank

“The precious metal will start to rebound in the final quarter of
this year to average
$1,375 an ounce in the last three months of next year and
could touch a high of $1,400,
said Bart Melek, global head of commodity strategy at
TD Securities in Toronto.

That’s a level last seen in 2013.




t is time to clarify all the gossip created by Suvorov.

I know this person and have met him personally

As to my capability as the CEO of Atacama my capabilities speak
for themselves as

I have owned my own business for 35 plus years and have managed multiple major projects locally
and internationally.

My experience in mining has been limited to 6 years put project management is universal in process which in my opinion qualifies
my position.

Atacama had interaction with
Suvorov regarding property that he claimed to own
but our due diligence indicated that the title to the claims
was in dispute.
We walked away from those discussions.

Atacama has documents in hand and
associated maps that clearly record
nine core holes being drilled at Atacama 1.

A mining shaft was put down beside one of the drill holes and was actually mined.
Extensive records prove that a small mining camp was established.

There was no requirement for cores to be reported to the
Ontario Mines Commission until 1936 and
43-101 reporting did not exist when these holes were drilled.

Atacama will be 43-101 compliant on all developments going forward.

Atacama did drill two holes on the
Atacama 1 property and the results were strong enough to indicate further studies.
Those studies will resume when the snow melts this spring.

A ‘hotspot’
was identified on Atacama 1 in 2015
but the geologist in charge at the time, did not drill there.

There is controversy as to the reason other locations were picked for diamond drilling.

The geologist hired Suvorov’s son to do the on site reporting and he was paid in full with cash.

The geologist was paid in stock in full for his services.

The drillers are still owed and will be paid when funding is in place.

Contrary to the extremely negative and even slanderous remarks constantly being made by Suvorov,

I have never made claims regarding having reserves in place.

I have talked about potential reserves that are considered
possible based on information of previous work done on the property.

The newly discovered Todoro
assay report and
maps are authentic even though the company has no core samples.

With the exact location of all nine holes confirmed with casings
that are still in place,
our geologists are developing the project to incorporate the
latest scientific exploration methods and
will implement them later this spring when the snow has melted.
The assay results from the
Todoro holes will be
on firmed and
improved using modern techniques.

Atacama actually has the properties it claims to have, confirmed by documentation at the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines.

There are reports written by third party geologists on work done on Atacama 1 and the Cobalt property.

Atacama has extensive core samples bought and paid for in storage ready for our geologists to evaluate and assay for the graphite property. We will prepare a 43-101 report when finished.

Atacama 2 and 3 shows signs of high gold concentrations and will be developed in 2019.

Atacama 1 has the ultimate location for development with good road access,
excellent rail and power source and perfect accommodations being
so close to Kirkland Lake.
Economics make it the priority for development.

As the CEO of Atacama I can assure our shareholders that we will
only give out
appropriate and
factual information regarding our company.

Our mandate is to make sure all our investors are given accurate
and true information.

This is Glenn Grant, CEO of Atacama Resources. Until next time.

I am Glen Grant, CEO of




Fortune Minerals commits to hire locally at Canada’s first primary cobalt mine | MINING.com …

As I have mentioned in earlier Ramblings,
our research department has been unable to locate
any primary cobalt mines in the
USA and now the first primary cobalt mine is scheduled to open
in Canada in the early 2020s.

It has many challenges to overcome if it is to be successful.

it is located NW of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories in
Canada's far north where it is dark for much of the year.

It must build its own town-site for its employees and
must build a road through the tundra to connect the mine with the outside world.

Once it gets into production it will have to truck the cobalt concentrate for over 1,000 miles,
or nearly 2,000 kilometers, to be processed.

An ore body located "in the middle of nowhere" has many major challenges.

Compare this to Atacama's cobalt play located a few miles from the mining town of
Cobalt, Ontario,
adjacent to a major provincial paved highway,
near all the required mining infrastructure and with a
processing plant within a thirty minute drive.

Cobalt Camp are the cobalt claims
held by Atacama.

Cobalt Camp are the cobalt claims
held by Atacama.

This explains why I am a firm believer that Atacama will be able
to develop a cobalt mine and be very competitive.

Check out the attached article regarding
Canada's first primary cobalt mine and
then compare it to the advantages of Atacama's cobalt project ,
located right in the center of Canada's well known "cobalt camp".

I am Glen Grant, CEO of


Fortune Minerals commits to hire locally at Canada’s first primary cobalt mine
Cecilia Jamasmie | 2 days ago |

Fortune expects to begin construction this year,
with commercial production starting in the early 2020s.

The NICO deposit is located 160 km northwest of the city of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories of Canada. (Image courtesy of Fortune Minerals.)
Fortune Minerals (TSX: FT) (OTCQX: FTMDF), the company behind what could become Canada’s first primary cobalt mine, has signed a socio-economic agreement with the government of the Northwest Territories (N.W.T.) in which it commits to hire and spend locally.

The 48-page document sets out targets for
education, and
training in the Territories as the
NICO cobalt,
gold, and
copper project moves ahead.

According to the agreement,
Fortune Minerals "shall use best efforts"
to ensure 60% of the mine's workforce during operations are N.W.T. residents,
with at least half of them being Indigenous.

During construction, at least 35% of workers should be
N.W.T. residents. Half of those should be Indigenous.

Preference will be given to Tlicho, Yellowknives Dene
and North Slave Metis Alliance members, Fortune Minerals said.

This is the fifth socio-economic agreement currently active in the N.W.T.

The others are with the Ekati, Diavik, Gahcho Kué, and Snap Lake mines.

The expected opening of NICO is one of the main reasons the
Tlicho all-season road to the community of Whati from
Highway 3 is being built.

Last year, Fortune anticipated construction of the mine would begin
in 2019 and last for two years,
allowing commercial production in the early 2020s.

Concentrate will be shipped to a refinery the company plans to construct in Saskatchewan.

The Whati-based mine has a forecast productive life of around two decades.

Fortune also owns the
Sue-Dianne copper-silver-gold deposit located 25 km north of the NICO project,
which is a potential future source of incremental mill feed to extend the life of NICO’s mill.


Glenn Grant
February 4, 2019
Welcome to the investor relations section. In this area,
you can find links to information about Atacama Resources International, Inc. (ACRL).




"Central bank buying alone gets it to $1,425"
– Goldman Sachs head of commodity research Jeff Currie.

I have been telling you a lot recently about the priority that
our Board has given to working on our extensive gold holdings,
which are located on a number of major gold faults.

Many of them shared with the various profitable Gold Companies located nearby.

All of us at Atacama are very bullish on the future of
gold pricing and
gold mining but it is always encouraging to know that many
others feel the same way.

Have a look at the article I have attached regarding recent
comments from Goldman Sachs indicating just how they are
viewing values this year.

I am Glenn Grant, CEO of



The last time gold topped $1,400 an ounce was briefly in early September 2013

Goldman says gold price will hit 6-year high in 2019
Frik Els | 5 days ago |

Goldman Sach’s head of commodities research Jeff Currie does not
expect an early recovery in long-cycle investment
and therefore prices of industrial metals due to a structural
decline in demand from China,
but he is very bullish on the gold price.

Speaking on Bloomberg Surveillance,
Currie says gold will benefit from strong
central bank buying and the
wealth effect in
India and
China due to strengthening local currencies.

On top of increased physical demand in the two top gold markets,
Currie says
“recessionary fears are raising physical demand for gold” and
central bank buying “alone”
will push the price of gold to $1,425 an ounce.

Goldman’s target price for gold is $1,450 an ounce.
That represents double digit gains from
today’s price of $1,315 an ounce, already a seven-month high.

The last time gold topped $1,400 an ounce was briefly in early September 2013.

Retail and institutional investors are also bullish,
with holdings of physically-backed exchange traded funds now the
most valuable in seven years.

Holdings in global gold-backed ETFs and
similar products rose by 69 tonnes to 2,440 tonnes in 2018,
equivalent to $3.4 billion of inflows,
according to the World Gold Council.

This is the first time since 2012 that the
value of total gold-backed ETF holdings has finished the
year above $100, says the industry body.


Today I am announcing that Atacama Resources has filed a Form 15 with the SEC.


After careful consideration Atacama’s Board of Directors decided
that the company will file financial reports through OTC Markets
in the future.

This new procedure will provide the same financial statements to shareholders
and other interested parties as previously provided but will
save the company the
significant expense of annual PCAOB auditing fees.

The Form 15 provides notice to the SEC that the company will
no longer file quarterly and annual reports to the SEC through
its Edgar process.

I am Glenn Grant, CEO of



$ACRL/ CEO RAMBLINGS - FEBRUARY 8, 2019/Today I predict that 2019


will see the beginning of a Diamond Rush

(like a gold rush)
around our diamond properties .

I have previously mentioned in my Ramblings that
macro and
micro diamonds
have already been recovered right at the
surface of Atacama's diamond property,
located neat Cobalt, Ontario.

During the 1905 silver rush in the area,

800 carat Nippissing Yellow Diamond
was picked up on a property very near our claims.

Kimberlite Indicator Mineral grains (KIMs)
are spread all throughout the area.

These grains of precious metals are located "down ice' from glaciers scraping over the pipes as they retreated.

A mining exploration company,
very near Atacama's properties,
has just announced their diamond drilling plans on a number of
Kimberlite pipes
in an effort to find the
"mother lode pipe"
that the Nippissing Yellow Diamond came from.

Once this word gets out you can bet that we will witness a rush
of prospectors scouring the area in search of diamonds.

I am pleased to inform you that once again we are
right in the heart of the action.
A good place to begin our own exploration of our already proven
diamond properties.

I am Glenn Grant CEO of ACRL


$ACRL/ CEO RAMBLINGS-FEBRUARY 11, 2019/Investors are often contacting
me with questions about the different
kinds of evidence I mention in my Ramblings about the gold on Atacama's three different gold properties.


One piece of evidence has always intrigued me. While little hard information is available,
for obvious reasons (it happened back in 1934),
I have always thought that this is the best piece of evidence
existing today that suggests that we have very high values of
gold in our gold claims.

What is it?

Back in 1934, before geologists and mining engineers,
a group of 18 hungry
( remember it was the 30's depression years)
men dug what was known as the Cheltonia Mine
which today is located on
Atacama 1 property.

They used traditional mining tools such as hand steel
(a chisel
- like steel tool struck violently with a sledgehammer)
to break up the rock.

It was exceedingly demanding and hazardous work to say the least.

As a result, most of these types of dangerous mining operations
which were hacked through hard rock inevitably followed a
vein of very high grade ore

At the Cheltonia Mine,

these tough miners dug for 112 days down through solid rock
and hacked out a 60 foot lateral drift at the 100 foot level.

I am convinced that they would not have placed themselves at such
a high risk for their lives if they were not motivated to keep
on mining a visible and high value gold vein in the rock.

With the Great Depression hitting the area,
capital dried up and most small mines closed and never reopened including the Cheltonia Mine.

However, the Mine itself is still there.

In fact I have visited the Mine entrance and it is very accessible.

Come spring we can pump out the water and check out the likely
gold veins
once again.

Maybe, just maybe, the old Cheltonia Mine may be operating again.

If so, a bronze plaque will be in order.

I am Glenn grant, CEO of



$ACRL/CEO RAMBLINGS-FEBRUARY 13, 2019, From the inquiries I have
been receiving there is definitely a growing interest in
Atacama's 257 acre cobalt play.


The grab sample values that I have mentioned in earlier Ramblings
run in excess of 2%.

In the cobalt mining world a value less than 1% is considered a
low grade deposit,
-2 % is a medium deposit and
anything over 2% is considered to be a high grade deposit.

I am the first to say that we need to do much more work on the
site before we can have an accurate assessment of the size and
quality of our ground.

But we can draw some inferences based on what our neighbouring
cobalt explorations companies are finding.

We are all working in what is known as
located in northern Ontario and with all the necessary mining infrastructure readily available such as
personnel, etc.

I want to mention just two cobalt exploration companies working
is the same vicinity as our Atacama cobalt properties.

They both have been doing exploration work near our properties.

One has announced cobalt values
of 2.22%,
5.7% and
6.6% from their properties.

Another has announced values of
3.15% and

These are high grade valuations but the extent of the resource
has yet to be determined and further exploration work is required.

Atacama is located between these two cobalt properties.

Will our exploration valuations be similar?
Time will tell.
I am Glenn grant,
CEO of





I see a gold supply crunch coming.

Gold output for 2019 in the
USA and
Canada is expected to decrease slightly.

Gold is not a renewable resource.

Each producing gold mine operating today has a specific shelf life.

Every mine will eventually close down once the ore body has been exhausted.

For example,
just a couple of gold mines in Canada have opened over the past ten years.

Sugar Zone Gold Mines is one and
Amarug Gold Mine will begin production in a few weeks
but here is the "kicker".

The ore body is expected to last only for four years and
then the mine is slated to close down.

While global
demand for gold continues
to increase as the world's population increases the supply of
new mines opening up is a growing issue.

The world needs more gold mines to open and here is the challenge.

Most of the easy gold has already been discovered and
most new gold mines are often remotely located and very
expensive to develop.

For example,
the average all
- in
- sustaining cost to develop a gold mine in 2019 in Canada is
877.00/ ounce.

Today's price for gold is $1311.55.

Many potential gold mines have estimated all in costs in the
$1,200 -$1,400
range which makes them uneconomical to mine.

They have to be put on hold and wait for a better day.

All of this is why I,
as CEO of Atacama Resources International,
am optimistic about our gold future.

With all the required mining infrastructure
readily available
located close to one of the richest
currently producing gold mines in the world
I am keen to get our next phase of exploration underway.

I am Glenn Grant CEO of



$ACRL/CEO RAMBLING-FEBRUARY 15, 2019/EXCERPT;The Atacama 1 property was assembled by local
Kirkland Lake prospector Arnold Allsopp.

You would simply not believe the number of inquiries I receive regarding the gold values




You would simply not believe the number of inquiries I receive regarding the
gold values obtained from the old diamond drill results done on the Atacama 1 gold property.

Some of the core intersections came in at six (6) ounces per ton
and some even as high as eight (8) ounces per ton.

Some question to the validity of these values.
Some even go on to say "too good to be true".
The Atacama 1 property was assembled by local
Kirkland Lake prospector Arnold Allsopp.

Arnold has lived and worked in the area for fifty years and
is a well know and respected prospector who hold memberships
in the local Northern Prospectors Club as well as the Ontario Prospectors Club.

Arnold is good friends with all of the local prospectors and
local claim holders.
They respect his judgement and the local geological knowledge he possesses.
He has a reputation second to none. One day,
while out prospecting in the vicinity of his
Atacama 1 property
he came across a
six inch piece of quartz on an old historic gold mine dump.

He cracked it open with his geologist's hammer and saw visible gold.

He couldn't believe his eyes.
He took it to the Swastika Lab to have it assayed and
has it on display today with the associated assay certificate
and guess what.

The value certified was SIXTEEN OUNCES PER TON. Yes, 16 ounces.

How unusual is this you may ask?
the global firm of
Mining and
Mineral Exploration Services compiles the best drill intersections
from around the world and
then ranks them based on gold grams per ton.

Canadian gold company Osisko Mining
is the winner so far this year with an intersect
value of 2223 grams/ton or about 70 ounces/ton.

Canadian gold companies rank eighth in the top ten of the most significant drill intersections found so far this year.

The values from some of the other competing gold companies are approx.

32 oz./ton,
28 oz./ton, and
14 oz./ton.

Hopefully this will place the gold valuations that have been
made for
Atacama 1
in some perspective.

Our gold valuations are comparable to some of the largest valuations offered by some of the richest
and most profitable gold companies in the world.
I am Glenn Grant, CEO of







The demand for cobalt is escalating around the world which is
setting the stage for a massive
"cobalt rush" never witnessed before.

This is clearly predicted in the global consulting firm
McKinney's 2019 Global Energy
Perspective Report which foresees a two-thirds drop in the cost
of electric vehicle battery packs by 2030.

The tipping point at which EVs will be cheaper to own than
internal combustion engine powered vehicles
is forecast to be reached within five years.

This is predicted to occur in China and Europe even faster.

Some of the Report's views pertaining to the electrification of
the total transport sector makes for some dramatic reading. For example:

EV sales will hit a 100 million units by 2035

Battery powered cars sales will grow by a factor of 60 through 2050

By 2035 there will be at least 400 million EVs on the road in China
and other developed countries

2.4 million charging stations will be deployed every year

All this at the same time that militaries around the world are
all switching off depending on their respective
electrical grids
and becoming self reliant and
using renewable energy sources and
electrical storage batteries.

Then think of the global switch to
tidal energy,
geothermal, etc. energy sources all requiring electrical storage batteries.

I could go on and on but you see why a
"cobalt rush"
is well underway.

All these electric storage batteries of the future need
cobalt as well as

Am I excited about future work on Atacama's cobalt and graphite properties? You bet I am.
I am Glenn grant, CEO of



Smart Investors for those who are inclined to be able to do so. If arranged, a $1 a share for me is good enough for a .000's investment, call me greedy.


The investment required to fully confirm the
Atacama 1, 2 and 3 proven reserves has been fully budgeted on a
project management basis and equals $5 million dollars.

Required costs are substantiated for audit and review.

Our investment initiative must focus on a $5 million capital raise
over the next year with a first tranche of at least $1 million dollars immediately.

The upside for the confirmation of gold ‘proven reserves’ for the Atacama 1, 2 and 3 holdings is almost too large to be believable.

An analysis of the ACRL position, similar to the KLG analysis for
its new shaft, would yield a proven reserve in the $5 billion dollar range.

With a proven reserve pegged at a more realistic $1 billion dollars,
the contribution to the market value of the company would be approximately $1 dollar per share.

Starting with an assumption that the ACRL common shares could end
up valued up to $1.00 per share because of the proven reserve confirmation, the investor upside is as follows.

The investment offered with this capital raise is to sell the
B shares at the equivalent of one cent per common share with
a six-month hold. The investor, under even a worst-case scenario,
should see a significant return in his ACRL investment





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