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Jason Ruppert - convicted felon - 3(a)10 scam

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nodummy   Wednesday, 10/10/18 09:07:12 PM
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Jason Ruppert - convicted felon - 3(a)10 scam

Convicted felon Jason Ruppert has dumped over 42,000,000 shares of XALL stock and still has more than 100,000,000 shares to go.


Jason Ruppert is a convicted felon that was sentenced to 1 year in prison and 3 years probation after being Indicted for securities fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud and unlawful distribution of securities in 1995



Jason Ruppert was arrested again in 2008 for Grand Theft (he committed fraud against a Bank) - another felony




In 2008, Ruppert Pleaded guilty to the felony charge agreeing to pay $25,000 back to the bank and serve 5 years probation


On April 13, 2010, Ruppert was arrested again for violating his parole

Eventually in 2012, Ruppert was placed on Administrative Probation for another 2 years, 3 months, and 15 days.

His probation came to an end on December 18, 2014.

While Jason Ruppert was on probation he got involved in NGCG using his wife, Pamela Ruppert, as a front. Through Pamela Ruppert, Jason engaged in a 3(a)10 share selling scheme by allegedly loaning money to NGCG then turning the debt into super discounted free trading stock which was diluted into the market. Other participants in the scheme were attorney Mark Fisher and a stock promoter named Ruben Macedo that worked for Fisher and recidivist securities violator Eddy Marin in some share selling schemes including VLBI


There are many people that believe that Jason Ruppert didn't have money to loan NGCG and that the loan was faked so that Calvin Ross (the NGCG control person) and Jason Ruppert could run a bogus share selling scheme.

Fast Forward to XALL - Jason Ruppert gets 225,000,000 free trading shares of stock:

Through China Moon Capital Partners LLC, convicted felon Jason Ruppert became the owner of a $40,000 debt Note in XALL in October of 2016.

There is certainly reason to speculate about whether Ruppert really loaned XALL $40,000 or if this was a bogus loan.

On October of 2017, Ruppert filed a 3(a)10 suit against XALL in Broward County, Florida


It was the same County he used for the NGCG lawsuit and he even used the same two attorneys from the NGCG suit to help push the rubber stamped XALL lawsuit through the court system - Laura Anthony and her partner at Legal & Compliance LLC, Stuart Reed.

Ruppert sued XALL for $44,000 ($40,000 in principal and $4,000 in interest) in order to use the 3(a)10 exemption to have the debt turned into free trading stock.

According to the above link, the $40,000 debt converted into XALL stock at a 40% discount to the average market price over the 30 previous trading days at the time of the conversion.

The 3(a)10 suit was settled a few days later with XALL agreeing to issue 225,000,000 free trading shares of stock to Jason Ruppert to pay off the $44,000 owed plus $26,000 in legal fees ($70,000 total).


225,000,000 for $40,000 in debt comes out to $.000178/share

Even if you take the $70,000 (the interest and legal fees) it still comes out to $.00031/share.

On the date of the settlement agreement XALL had an O/S of 136,015,000 shares and a float of 11,400,000 shares. The stock hadn't traded a single share in around 5 years. When it finally did start to actively trade in early 2018, it started out trading above $1.00/share. A 40% discount applied to $1.00/share would be $.60/share.

For Jason Ruppert to receive stock at between $.00031/share and $.000178/share based on the original terms of the Note, the XALL share price would have to be trading at between $.00035/share and $.0006/share. Obviously XALL has never trading close to that low so the 225,000,000 share settlement was a very dirty concerted effort between the XALL CEO, Thomas Nash, and convicted felon Jason Ruppert to get way more free trading shares into the hands of Jason Ruppert than Ruppert should have had making this whole deal even that much more erroneous and dirty.

When John Ruppert's name started to come up on the XALL forum in late 2017 and early 2018, a poster named John Runyon showed up declaring he was John Ruppert and that he had nothing to do with XALL


In those Broward County court filings linked above for the 3(a)10 suit the signature for China Moon Capital Partners LLC is impossible to read. China Moon Capital Partners LLC is a Delaware entity so filings are not available online to see who controls the entity. In the XALL filings it was never disclosed who the Note holder was.

I'll explain further down how it became known that Jason Ruppert is the control person for China Moon Capital Partners LLC.

Ruppert skirts the 10% ownership laws

According to the XALL filings, those 225,000,000 free trading shares which would have represented more than 75% ownership of XALL were placed in reserve (not Issued). By doing this, the XALL CEO could issue the shares a little at a time keeping Ruppert's ownership under 10% at all times to avoid Ruppert becoming an affiliate and forcing those shares to have to be restricted despite the 3(a)10 exemption applied to the share through the court settlement agreement.

But even with the settlement agreement allowing for Jason Ruppert to be paid his free trading stock in tranches to stay under 10% ownership, the XALL CEO, Thomas Nash, and Jason Ruppert still schemed to issue more than 10% of the stock at one time.

Based on information from the XALL OTC disclosures, 123,305,000 new shares were issued between November 2017 and April 2018. 81,305,000 of those shares were restricted and 42,000,000 of those shares were free trading. Those 42,000,000 free trading shares could have only been issued towards the 3(a)10 settlement agreement. Since 42,000,000 shares would have made Ruppert more than a 10% owner it is very likely that those shares were divided up among various nominees.

Thanks to one of the XALL insiders converting 180,000,000 restricted common shares into preferred stock in April of 2018, the XALL O/S actually went down during this time despite the 81,305,000 new shares being issued. The float, however, went up from 11,400,000 to 53,400,000 thanks to the 42,000,00 shares that were issued towards the 3(a)10 settlement agreement.

In May of 2018, Jason Ruppert agreed to reduce his remaining 183,000,000 free trading shares he still had in reserve down to 160,000,000 shares. That is the last disclosure we get about the Jason Ruppert shares in the XALL OTC disclosures.

Then the bombshell drops

Thanks to a federal lawsuit filed between Jason Ruppert and Quasar Capital Corp (Robert Johnson) on September 4, 2018, we not only find out that Jason Ruppert is beyond any doubt the control person of China Moon Capital Partners LLC we also find out that Jason Ruppert was making private deals with people for them to sell Ruppert's free trading XALL stock with the agreement that they would pay Ruppert with a percentage of the proceeds.


According to the lawsuit and the exhibits linked below, Johnson agreed to acquire 1,500,00 shares from Ruppert on March 27, 2018 and another 800,000 shares from Ruppert on April 23, 2018 with the agreement to pay Ruppert 70% of all proceeds up to $125,000; 65% of all proceeds between $125,000 and $315,000; 60% of all proceeds above $315,000 plus brokerage fees, wire transfer fees, and a $35,000 per week management fee




This gives us undeniable proof that Jason Ruppert was avoiding becoming a 10% owner by having the shares issued to nominees that he was using to sell the shares into the market for him as part of an illegal shares selling scheme.

Some major points of concern here:

1) Was the $40,000 debt Note even legitimate? Did Ruppert actually loan XALL any money or is this all part of some kind of elaborate share selling scheme involving a bogus Note?

2) As a convicted felon within the past 10 years, I'm pretty sure that Jason Ruppert would be considered a bad actor which would disqualify him from being eligible to receive free stock under any SEC exemption. By not disclosing the involvement of Jason Ruppert (as a convicted felon in the past 10 years), XALL has defrauded the Broward County Court System as well as its public shareholders.

3) Jason Ruppert used nominees to sell stock for him through illegal private share distribution agreements

4) Jason Ruppert got his stock at $.000178/share which is beyond ridiculous considering at the time of the settlement agreement XALL was trading over $1.00/share and only had 11,400,000 shares in the float. The original conversion terms for the Note called for Ruppert to get stock at a 40% discount to the market price, but Ruppert got his stock at a 99% discount to the market price providing evidence that whole debt arrangement was a collaborated effort by the XALL CEO, Thomas Nash, and Jason Ruppert to run a fraudulent share selling scheme.

5) Jason Ruppert has already received and sold at least 42,000,000 million shares through his personal accounts and through nominees participating in his scheme, but Ruppert still has more than 100,000,000 more shares to dump. That means that XALL is in for much more pump & dump action in the future.

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