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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 12:04:55 PM

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Double Top - A top for the 666 bull is only possible at the end of a five wave up. We are near the end of the large degree fifth wave. All that is left is the small degree waves that have to complete to end the bull market with a correction down to 1810. Now a drop of 1100 points. There are targets all along this drop. You should realize this because you have read my posts long enough. The ultimate target for the correction is still 1810 and always has been.
When a top to the bull market is possible I let you know. You do not seem to appreciate it.
Right now there are two scenarios with two different targets for the top. One of them will in all probability play out. Tops occur when all the news is good and sentiment is high. They give no warning and happen when least expected by the herd. Go back and look at the 2872 top of wave(3) of [5]. I warned of that top on the day it
occurred but no one else did. It was sudden and it was a surprise.
It was also possible that it was the end of the 666 2009 bull.
Sometimes there is only one count possible but many times there will be two that are possible. That is the case now but you have no interest.
Please refrain from posting to me if all you have to say is a complaint. Questions I usually answer but complaining about a free post of my opinion is unacceptable.
Take care and best of luck to you.

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