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Friday, 08/31/2018 9:12:16 PM

Friday, August 31, 2018 9:12:16 PM

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been waiting a week for the ff post to be reviewed-other than that dont know what post u were referring to

I stand by my post- 4kids9pets and others have detailed in great lengths a dozen ways mm's manipulate/hide true shorts in bimonthly short reports

finra daily "short volume' and sites providing daily shorts regularly show until last week 40-60% short ratio on zn -not the 10% of bimonthly

shorters always argue mm's report only 1 leg of a transaction (and conveniently on short side?)
which is saying mm's are knowingly grossly lying to finra daily-nobody has explained why in an era of electronic trades where trades take only a millisecond why mm's wouldnt wait a millisecond for the 2nd leg of a transaction to post

shorters always worship bimonthlys -this is the only board where longs even bother to look at bimonthlys in my experience despite lowest short % for a week i've seen since pps is at a one yr low last week this shows 43% short volume for last 20 days
whenever i have checked the official site they show even higher short volume-and that is finras ' short volume 'descriptive this site shows 30% or greater short volume for blue chips like google and walmart and last 2 years 40-60% short volume for ZN!!

The bi-monthly short reports are reportedly easy to manipulate and allow mm's etc many days to prepare for such so in our opinion understate true shorting.
finra also has a daily shorting count under the shorting descriptive- shorters description of such implies finra is deceiving-reporting just 1 leg of a transaction,which does not make sense when all legs can be completed in seconds with todays electronic clearing houses.
mm's reportedly have a dozen ways to hide true shorts-see posts elsewhere by 4kids9pets etc

They attack the stock, company, longs, threaten longs publicly and privately, anything and everything they can think of to drive the price down.
Unlike longs, many shorters, in the shorting cartels etc., reportedly get paid and thus do this for a living,with much training from the basher/shorter handbooks etc. If you look at MaxShocker's posts of articles re bashers and mm's etc. below, copied from his trading tips 101 board, posts 40, 86, 117, you will see some of the general rules for dealing with shorters :

These rules include :
1). Don't link directly to their post if you reply to something they say. We will rebut disinformation as deemed necessary but most should follow the general rule to IGNORE them .
2). Linking directly to their posts emphasizes what they have said twice,so in most cases if you need to respond to disinformation, use the ''create new post" menu.
3). Plus they reportedly get paid for every post that directly links to their post , except perhaps for the leader and others on salary. For every post that piggybacks on a link that directly links to their post, they might get paid also. See below.
4). Also, don't mention their monikers in your posts, for they reportedly get paid for that .

5). Try to keep it professional, as per the terms of use. If you wrestle with a pig, as the saying goes, you will get dirty and frustrated,for you cannot educate them or steer them from their goal[only educate those who might be otherwise deceived], but the pig will enjoy the mudbath free for all ,for it is the pigs chosen method of operation and lifestyle. And the pig, especially the crafters, loves to get dirty.
Destruction is the goal- fear, strife, hatred, division, frustration, confusion,deception, disinformation the tools, in my experience. When somebody loses their life or home etc. because of their games, one or more have privately said that encouraged them all the more. Getting angry, calling them names, is something from my experience they apparently enjoy. So cease and desist in thinking such respond like most.

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