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Tuesday, 03/27/2018 12:47:42 PM

Tuesday, March 27, 2018 12:47:42 PM

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NMGC 0.0114/.0169 144.44K +10%% Sumbuddy wantz INNNNN

Blue sky at .02,, Chart lookz gud,, Playe lookz gud

PONGalo Latino Netflixxxx Murger deal cudd be on tha taybul

Big Munny NYC hedge fund konnecktshunz + Flote lokkt up + Latino Netflixxxx deal =

This play iz really a NoBrainrr,,, NMGC ceo Tommy sellfingrr knowz by now tha ecommerce will never maek a profit,,, has payd rent/salaraiez for 6 yearz + bought $2 millions stock @ .03,, so tha ONLY way out iz a Murger deal...
and with hiz hedge fund buddies in NYC... Thatz wutt they do!

Last play This Same Big Munny Hedge fund crew ran wuz WGAT frum .015 to $1.50 in 2006

Now itz NMGCz turn 2 gitt richrr kwikkrr

One dolla maek me holla on tha

tikka tikka tikkaaaaaa