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Wednesday, 10/25/2017 10:53:48 AM

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 10:53:48 AM

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Thanks everyone for the welcome back! :)

Yes, I have been reading everything, including the very sad news and have exchanged private messages with DM, thanks.

As for staying out of jail, I told the probation board I was reformed! I'll never do it again... Well, but when I see sooo much goodness coming out of AMFE, and the ihub board.... and I see so much pain in so many other OTC pink stocks.... Just got to spread the news and give everyone a chance to get on the right path! lolol

I'm not shocked at all on the week prior and current reactions. Pink sheets suck. They simply don't handle anything over $.10 well and too easy MM slap them down. Our chart is our testament to our strength, holding strong over time, building bases and increasing company fundamentals. We don't get to go up 200% in 2 days on the most hollow of news then give back almost all if not more. We get to build a company, stronger every 24 hours is exists, and every quarter the proof is in the numbers. This churn means nothing to me. Get off the pinks, open up to a hold new world of money. Lending Loop will start the IR campaign, GRO3 starting to generate more and more revenues. Franchise start kicking in. Date of record for dividend shares will be known soon enough. We will have more and more investors, less traders where these levels and up to .50 are their starting position, and they expect multiples on their money.

Its better than good with AMFE. It is an amazing journey. Rome wasn't built in a day, but wowzers it is getting built pretty darn quick! I mean the first franchise moving to get something open to capture holiday dollars!!!! Many folks don't know and / or simply don't appreciate exactly how much has been accomplished in ONE year! Just like the news that first got me truly looking at AMFE back in March '47% share reduction' folks truly need to understand how SPECIAL AMFE is.

10,000 Pink stocks... AMFE's revenue probably equals almost all of them combined! We are a big stock trading in the pinks, but will soon shed this skin. Only held back by a little bureaucracy of paperwork, and Roger is seeing that corrected in a very efficient manner.

AMFE has accomplished more in one year than probably every other OTC Pink I ever owned combined in their entire existence. All the others just pushed out PRs with: 'Developments' 'Conferences' 'New Board Member' 'New Ceo' 'Pre Marketing' 'Alliances' 'Looking to expand' But... when it comes to financials: '..Files an extension to submit late....' and when they eventually get around to it Revenues: ZERO Dilution: More convertible notes and toxic financing! That is 98% OTC pinks right there.

AMFE is an OTC legend in the making, simple as that. All these negative types that randomly crawl out of the woodwork to state some inane comment based on thin air and a point in time, and the MMs who show up at the most interesting of times to hold down or short, are nothing, cockroaches to be squashed. Being long IS the answer to them all when you have a company that is performing. AMFE is not only performing, it is amazing and only getting better.

As others have posted: Yes it is frustrating to have insanely good news and go sideways while others go up massive on hollow news, just remember this is not a daily macho game of lets whip out our % gains today and see whose is biggest, this is the long game. It's really not even that long, just need to adjust your sights out of the pink mentality and into a NASDAQ level one.

And as always my AMFE friends:

Buy, Hold, Buy More, Hold