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Thursday, October 12, 2017 7:17:09 PM

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ANDI Buy after an Elliott Wave 5-Wave Decline Sequence

ANDI Security Details
Share Structure

Market Value1...........$342,188 a/o Sep 29, 2017
Authorized Shares..6,000,000,000 a/o Jun 15, 2017
Outstanding Shares 1,710,940,000 a/o Aug 30, 2017
Float..............1,100,940,000 a/o Aug 30, 2017
Par Value 0.00001



ANDI - The Elliott Wave 5-Waves Sequence

A Basic "A,B,C Corrective Wave"




Elliott Wave Basics

Elliott Wave Principle

Elliott Wave Theory

Buy after an Elliott Wave,
5-Wave decline sequence !

A Basic "A,B,C Corrective Wave"

Buy, ONLY when the stocks price,
is trading under the Blue 8-day M.A.
when the Blue 8-day M.A. is under the Red 34-day M.A.

This stock has been going down,
and starts to trade sideways,
forming a base.

The sellers who once had the upper hand,
begin to lose their power,
because the buyers are starting to get more aggressive.

The stock just drifts sideways without a clear trend.

Everyone hates this stock!
This is the time to be Loading the Boat !!


Buy after an Elliott Wave,
5-Wave decline sequence !

A Basic "A,B,C Corrective Wave"

Buy, ONLY when the stocks price,
is trading under the Blue 8-day M.A.
when the Blue 8-day M.A. is under the Red 34-day M.A.

Impulse Wave 1 - The Accumulation Stage
the Wave right after a prolonged downtrend.

Wave 1

The stock makes its initial move upwards.
This is usually caused
by a relatively small number of people
that all of the sudden
(for a variety of reasons, real or imagined)
feel that the price of the stock is cheap
so it’s a perfect time to buy.
This causes the price to rise.

Wave 2 - Stock Declines

At this point,
enough people who were in the original wave
consider the stock overvalued and take profits.
This causes the stock to go down.
However, the stock will not make it to its previous lows
before the stock is considered a bargain again.

Wave 3

This is usually the longest and strongest wave.
The stock has caught the attention of the mass public.
More people find out about the stock and want to buy it.
This causes the stock’s price to go higher and higher.
This wave usually exceeds the high created at the end of Wave 1.

Wave 4

Traders take profits
because the stock is considered expensive again

This Wave tends to be weak
because there are usually more people
that are still bullish on the stock
and are waiting to “buy on the dips.”

Wave 5

This is the point that most people get in on the stock,
and is mostly driven by hysteria.

You usually start seeing the CEO of the company
on the front page of major magazines
as the Person of the Year.
Traders and investors start coming up with
ridiculous reasons to buy the stock
and try to choke you when you disagree with them.

This is when the stock becomes the most overpriced.
Contrarians start shorting the stock
which starts the ABC pattern.

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