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Monday, 08/31/2015 7:21:39 PM

Monday, August 31, 2015 7:21:39 PM

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David Naylor goes way back having worked for lots of pink sheet companies connected to the likes of William Scott Marshall, Phil Kueber, Alex Smid (SRGE/SAEI), Mario Aiello (SAEI), Gordon Samson (SRGE), Robert McIntosh, Sak Nawal, Randall Lanham, and others

I've always leaned towards Alex Smid and Jamie Holland having taken the SAEI shell and other old tickers from William Scott Marshall after they ran him out of Vancouver. All the old Marshall shells were brought back to life briefly using fake management teams.

We know that Alex Smid controlled SRGE in the past so it only made sense for him to still be in control of it in 2011-2012 when SRGE ran a repeat of the SAEI scam.

David Naylor was closest to William Scott Marshall though and Phil Kueber having been an officer in many other tickers with the two of them in the past. We know how involved Kueber has been in stock promotion tickers including several other mining scams.

Phil Kueber links us to PWEI along with Russ Kidder. Luis Carrillo is a link between PWEI and SRGE and we know how close Luis Carrillo was with Phil Kueber and Gregg Mulholland.

So who is the behind the curtain for CRGP? Luis Carrillo? Alex Smid? Phil Kueber? William Scott Marshall?

The name David Naylor helps provide another solid link between CRGP and SRGE/SAEI, but it still leaves me a little unsure who the wizard behind the curtain is on CRGP.