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Monday, 08/31/2015 6:27:09 PM

Monday, August 31, 2015 6:27:09 PM

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I know CRGP reminds a lot of people of SRGE for a number of reasons including:

1) Both used fake management teams
2) Both touted Mexican mining claims
3) Both paid cash dividends
4) Both were big message board pumps

Tell me that PinkPantherStocks doesn't remind you a whole lot of MoMoRaptor

And I'm not just talking about the profile picture.

When MoMoRaptor first joined the IHUB on January 24, 2012 his very first post was on the SRGE forum

When PinkPantherStocks first joined the IHUB on March 25, 2013 (one short month after MoMoRaptor discontinued posting on the IHUB) his very first post was on the CRGP forum

It was the 2nd ever post on that forum:

MoMoRaptor went on to pump SRGE with 5,639 posts (by far the most posts he made on any forum)

PinkPantherStocks went on to pump CRGP with 1,185 posts (by far the most posts he made on any forum)

But it wasn't just where they spent all their time. Compare their post history and you'll see that both posters used many of the same phrases like:


And who can ever forget MoMoRaptor telling everybody to sell everything they own to buy more SRGE stocks. Sell your car! Sell your House!

PinkPantherStocks had the same advice:

MoMoRaptor was an obvious SRGE insider often coming out with videos and pictures in support of their mining operations that couldn't be found any place else.

PinkPantherStocks had the same ability with CRGP once posting a video in support of AMMG/CRGP's mining operations

I think there is a lot more in common between CRGP and SRGE than we even realize so far.

The SRGE scam was shut down in late December of 2012. The AMMG shell (now CRGP) was brought to life in February of 2013.

I'd be willing to bet that some of the same people are/were hiding behind the curtain for both stocks. And we already know that SRGE was run by the same people that ran the SAEI scam.

The SAEI scam was run in 2010 then immediately after SAEI got suspended in December of 2010 the SRGE shell does its first press release in years being brought back to life to be used for a scam. SRGE gets suspended in December of 2012 and right after that the CRGP/AMMG shell was acquired to be used for its scam.

Mexico seems to be a very safe place to hide out and run penny stock scams. The regulators seem unable to track down the people that ran the SAEI scam then the SRGE scam and now the AMMG/CRGP scam so we'll probably eventually see them come back again to run a 4th scam.