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Sunday, June 15, 2003 8:52:46 PM

Re: yourbankruptcy post# 6384

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Re: Post deletions

I don't like discussing post deletions on boards and I won't in this case.

There are a lot of names here I don't recognize, so maybe a quick explanation of how things work here on iHub is in order.

The biggest rule of the site is to keep the personalities out of it. Attack the message, not the messenger. People call this censorship, I do not. I call it keeping things focused on the subject you came here to discuss in the first place. It works, trust me.

The Moderator(s) you see listed on the board have sort of an instant TOS feature. They can immediately remove any post they feel is a TOU violation. They don't delete posts. They simply hide them for my review. I am the only person who can delete a post. Upon review, I restore the post (if the Moderator was wrong -- rare) or I keep it removed (officially deleted).

If you have any problems with a post deletion, take it up with me. Everybody here can send me a private message via my profile. It crawls up my spine when people get into this deletion discussion on these boards. Nobody on this board deletes posts. I am the only one who does, so discuss with me.

As to the posts that got deleted, all of them contained personal shots. I don't care if you write a 3-page explanation on the manufacturing process design advantages AMD has over INTC. If you end the post with a one-line shot at someone, it's getting removed (as long as a Mod deletes it or a TOS is submitted to me). Often, on good posts like that, I'll send you a copy of the text and ask you to repost it without the personal shot. So, I ask that you keep the personalities, name-calling out of these discussions.

The entire philosophy, again, is to keep the discussion focused. As soon as you allow the mud slinging to start, the board goes to hell as far as being useful. So, please stick to the discussion of AMD.


P.S. Also, please don't repost a post a dozen times if it gets deleted. Talk to me first, so I can get to the source of the problem.

Keep in mind, the management of iHub (all 2 of us), play a very active role in this site. Feel free to send us PMs or ask us anything on the main board: #board-504 You will get a response pretty quickly.

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