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seriousonly  breathing

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Ticker  Board News Price Change Chg%   Added
DBMM  Digital Brand Media and Marketing Group, Inc.0.0025-0.0001-3.85%   04/02/2021
My DBMM Pitch: "."
KEP  Korea Electric Power Corp.10.7-0.06-0.56%   04/02/2021
ISWH  ISW Holdings Inc.0.485-0.035-6.73%   03/29/2021
PVSP  Pervasip Corp.0.0074-0.00001-0.13%   03/29/2021
My PVSP Pitch: "."
ALYI  Alternet Systems Inc.0.059450.0076514.77%   03/20/2021
My ALYI Pitch: "."
EEENF  88 Energy Ltd0.01910.001810.40%   03/19/2021
CBDL  CBD Life Sciences Inc.0.00150.00017.14%   03/15/2021
NGTF  Nightfood Holdings, Inc.0.370.0277.87%   03/15/2021
HGGGQ  HH Gregg Inc.0.010.001923.46%   03/12/2021
ICTY  Eyecity.com0.0025-0.0001-3.85%   03/11/2021
PURA  Puration Inc.0.020150.000150.75%   03/11/2021
HENC  Hero Technologies Inc.0.11-0.0089-7.49%   03/11/2021
GTXO  GTX CORP0.02170.00031.40%   03/10/2021
My GTXO Pitch: "."
SNVP  Savoy Energy Corporation0.00120.00019.09%   03/10/2021
VITX  VITANA-X Inc.0.02-0.0001-0.50%   03/09/2021
PHIL  PHI Group Inc.0.00275-0.00005-1.79%   03/08/2021
OCLN  OriginClear Inc.0.08750.00658.02%   03/07/2021
MMMW  Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc.0.107-0.018-14.40%   03/05/2021
HIPH  American Premium Water Corp.0.00950.000141.50%   03/05/2021
DSGT  DSG Global Inc.0.40.00010.03%   03/04/2021
INND  Innerscope Hearing Technologies Inc.0.0330.00185.77%   03/03/2021
CNGT  Cannagistics Inc.0.0375-0.0025-6.25%   03/03/2021
BLGO  BioLargo, Inc.0.1860.0010.54%   03/03/2021
My BLGO Pitch: "."
ASTI  Ascent Solar Technologies Inc.0.0220.00010.46%   03/02/2021
MINE  Minerco Inc.0.00390.00.00%   02/22/2021
DRNK  NoHo, Inc.0.0023-0.0003-11.54%   02/21/2021
My DRNK Pitch: "."
INKW  Greene Concepts, Inc.0.0231-0.0027-10.47%   02/20/2021
ERBB  American Green Inc.0.00770.00034.05%   02/19/2021
ENTI  Encounter Development Technologies Inc.0.00030.00.00%   02/19/2021
ELTZ  Elite Group Inc.0.00010.00.00%   02/19/2021
AXCG  Eyes on the Go, Inc.0.0002-0.0001-33.33%   02/19/2021
APYP  Appyea, Inc.0.002250.000052.27%   02/19/2021
My APYP Pitch: "."
MRGE  Mirage Energy Corp0.420.00751.82%   02/19/2021
CUBV  Cuba Beverage Company0.001-0.0002-16.67%   02/19/2021
CATV  4Cable TV International Inc0.02140.00.00%   02/19/2021
My CATV Pitch: "."
HPMM  Hemp Naturals Inc.0.005610.000112.00%   02/18/2021
LBSR  Liberty Star Uranium and Metals Corp.   02/18/2021
My LBSR Pitch: "
ICOA  Icoa, Inc.0.0003-0.0001-25.00%   02/18/2021
KGKG  Kona Gold Solutions Inc.0.0298-0.0004-1.32%   02/18/2021
MCET  MultiCell Technologies0.0015-0.0007-31.82%   02/18/2021
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