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Ticker Board News Price Change Chg% Added
CGIX Cancer Genetics Inc. 4.61 0.0 0.00% 09/29/2013
My CGIX Pitch: Papa John has a bundle wrapped in this and big investors don't do something for nothing. Looking for a entry point on this one as it could be overplayed by the smaller investor making a grab for profits.
SMTP SMTP, Inc. 09/24/2013
My SMTP Pitch: Any stock paying a dividend t this level means real business. I will be looking for a secure entry point. Internet security is a must especially receiving key information for business and having true validation it was received.
UUUU Energy Fuels Inc. 9.0 -0.29 -3.12% 09/24/2013
My UUUU Pitch: The only uranium mill in the United States! The international agreement expires this November! Very very lucrative because of Strathmore minerals acquisition! is my source.
CBDL CBD Life Sciences Inc. 0.0003 0.0 0.00% 09/01/2013
My CBDL Pitch: Just went current surprisingly low and management again has come through with flying colors imho. I see this setting up for pennyland through multiple deals not just APHD.
CIM Chimera Investment Corporation 16.24 0.0 0.00% 03/12/2013
My CIM Pitch: REIT is required to surrender 90% profit back to the investor. Who wouldn't like that?! It is a safe investment where it is at and since winter is almost over I expect the real estate market to move some properties better than last year. Especially East Coast.
PRPM ProTek Capital, Inc. 0.0004 0.0 0.00% 03/12/2013
My PRPM Pitch: Monitoring this stock. It has great potential if the CEO Vasker is straight. I have good technical looks here but if it is a scam then it looks low enough to make safe technical gains. Positive note the Fishing University/ energy drink company looks good.
INAR InternetArray, Inc 0 0 0.00% 03/12/2013
My INAR Pitch: Buyback is scheduledand it is bottomed out at the moment. It is associated with Zenetek and looks solid for to advance in China media. I am in on this position.
Composit Technology (fka CPTCQ) 02/08/2013
My Pitch: A Sub penny stock with a USNavy contract for cabling. Being a US Navy veteran that is criical for ships movement and communications so I hope this is a baby to giant or takeover stock this year. :D Real deal!
HALO Halozyme Therapeutics 0 0 0.00% 12/31/2012
My HALO Pitch: Recently has 2 deals agreed to with Pfizer. Impact on shares is still undetermined for profitability of company and success to its research with 4 million dollars in play from Pfizer to determine if it has real value. I believe the fiscal cliff can stall things here so watching it at the moment.
Tamm Oil and Gas Corp. (fka TAMO) 12/31/2012
My Pitch: Oil contract with liscensing within 6 monthes. Still monitoring it.
EP Global Communications, Inc. (fka EPGL) 12/31/2012
My Pitch: Financially solvent and is meeting a serious nitch in medical technology. Currently on a new high on price though technicals show to wait for a new re-entry point.
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