PROPHET-of-PROFITSLooking for the next JEM.

PROPHET-of-PROFITS Looking for the next JEM.

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Age: 50
Location: Florida chasing 20 somethings in bikinis.
Investment Philosophy: patience is studied as a decision-making problem, involving the choice of either a small reward in the short term, or a more valuable reward in the long term. When given a choice, all animals, humans included, are inclined to favour short term rewards over long term rewards. This is despite the often greater benefits associated with long term rewards.
Occupation: Full time since 98.
Hobby: WEALTH CREATION. you can make more with your mind than with muscle.
Favorite Quote: a normal market, you get the independent valuations of buyers and sellers. During periods of extreme fear or greed, you don't have the proper balance between those two to generate market efficiency and you get extremes in behavior. When there's a strong trend upward the kind of skepticism that produces reasonable and accurate valuations of securities is not at work, and a bubble develops. It's very exciting when you're in the midst of it, but at some point the valuations aren't justifiable.
Person I'd Like to Meet: you.
Favorite Movie: my attention span is to short for that nonsense
Favorite Team: pumpers vs bashers the only true sport