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Age: 77
Investment Philosophy: Cant Lose with the Stuff we use!

It's only stealing if you get caught! We can all pig out together united together like horses, if one horse veers off to one side or the other you let them go.
Hit them with the Velvet touch.

You are entitled to pig out as much as you want! No one cares or is going to do anything to us!

Throw them a dagger then give them a band aid.

Check the mous
Occupation: Retired CEO @ www.davidkloner.com
Hobby: Pigging out @ Freds Dinner, Trolling up and down Arlington in Akron After hours, Carter lumber, Boating with the Big Tierra on Lake Erie More Pigging out, on Fox on my kitchen table looking at my phone and seeing no one is calling Pigging out on Retirement in Colorado once in a while too!
Favorite Quote: Do you miss me? Now what? What happens now? So what? now what? I dont care? I got it! Oh well use the velvet touch. Come on see if you can sell something or help them. How can I help you and indoctrinate you? Do you know anyone that breaths? Come on stir something up get them to come in here and buy something. You can do as you wish. Look at all the action they have over there. Why cant I play ? Oh well?
Person I'd Like to Meet: GERALDO RIVERA
Favorite Movie: Cuties
Favorite Artist: Village People
Favorite Team: Cleveland Browns