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Bklynboy56Waitin' on God's word!

Bklynboy56 Waitin' on God's word!

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Alias Born: 06/18/2005 03:18:30 AM
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Age: 61
Location: Kalispell,Mt
Investment Philosophy: Try not to get screwed....too badly. Geez, that's a terrible philosophy!(lol) But when you do, there's pretty much no ifs about it, try to make it up on the next one.
Occupation: Retired, and but for the Grace of God would either be dead or in prison. Do yourself a favor and don't ask.;-)
Hobby: Writing, hiking/camping, too beat up for karate these days or hiking and camping, for that matter.(lol)
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Favorite Quote: It is not by the words that proceed from one's mouth, but by their deeds they shall be judged. Something that many here should reflect on.
Favorite Person: Jesus (and I don't mean one of the guys who hangs around in front of Home Depot)
Favorite Movie: The Godfather I & II
Favorite Artist: God (sorry, but when you can show me any artist, in any medium, who can do better work than what God did with the universe, you let me know.:)
Favorite Team: The N.Y. Football Giants!
Default Signature: At the very least, do no harm