PennyMasterSwim with the WHALES!

PennyMaster Swim with the WHALES!

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Investment Philosophy: Buy Low, Sell High.

Find Hidden Gems.


Everything I post is my opinion only.

I've started to treat the whole stock market like a giant game of Frogger, I ride the wave and then jump.

My opinion is based on extensive DD of fundamental & technical analysis of the company, its business plan and management. I am not a financial advisor
Occupation: Day Trader, Swing Trader
Hobby: "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." -- Thomas Edison
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Favorite Quote: "I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful." - Warren Buffett

"We don't have to be smarter than the rest. We have to me more disciplined than the rest." - Warren Buffet

Wall Street is the only place where people ride in a Rolls Royce to get advice from people who take the subway; - Buffet

"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the IMPATIENT to the PATIENT." - Warr
Favorite Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street
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