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HedgebunnyOn it, U short hobbit mm nome!

Hedgebunny On it, U short hobbit mm nome!

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Alias Born: 05/12/2011 11:07:02 PM
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Location: Bunny briar patches for little hobbit butts! Lol
Investment Philosophy: Hedge specialist is a wuss! Lol.....
Occupation: Lmao B-4... lmao Ohhhh wa wa..... I just lipped your little mm's short clown battleship....lmao lol HAHA.
Hobby: Kickn MM hedge specialist askkkkkkkkk around when they short it, and bid humping them till their mommy says something! Lmao....
Favorite Quote: Greed is good

Favorite Person: That pos mm using my nestly quick bottle as a paint Wagner! Lmao.....
Favorite Movie: Mm gets askkkkk pounded
Favorite Artist: Probably market maker NITE or HDSN
Favorite Team: Fidelity....
Default Signature: Just my own opinions of speculations only, i get my ideas from Lippy the Lion and Grape Ape who combined together with the Wonder Twins and GLeek, for educated opinions of speculations only using hypothesis for explaining the solution to the problem ma