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Thanks Matt, what a job to get back hogfan''s picks 04/04/2001 06:10:29 PM
Wow, I finally found my way back to hogfan''s picks 03/30/2001 05:39:16 PM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. One step closer to having hogfan''s picks 12/05/2000 09:13:36 AM
Thanks SF, going to take off tomorrow and hogfan''s picks 12/02/2000 07:48:26 PM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. Well we tested 2540 yesterday hogfan''s picks 12/01/2000 08:56:05 AM
GOOD FRIDAY MORNING BOARD. Hope ya all had hogfan''s picks 11/24/2000 09:17:06 AM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. Looking for a few good hogfan''s picks 11/17/2000 09:03:51 AM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. Well the futures are up hogfan''s picks 11/14/2000 08:47:01 AM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. Well still no president, futures hogfan''s picks 11/13/2000 08:51:26 AM
Take the time to cast your vote again hogfan''s picks 11/10/2000 06:40:30 PM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. Southernfried havent seen that hogfan''s picks 11/10/2000 09:16:09 AM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. Hell yes FM, just need hogfan''s picks 11/09/2000 09:27:36 AM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. Gee no president that may hogfan''s picks 11/08/2000 08:56:00 AM
GOOD LATE MORNING BOARD. Missed the open as hogfan''s picks 11/07/2000 01:25:25 PM
GOOD MONDAY MORNING BOARD, FM yes I am hogfan''s picks 11/06/2000 08:52:54 AM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. Scalping theNASD again today will hogfan''s picks 11/03/2000 09:04:33 AM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. Markets set to open higher hogfan''s picks 11/02/2000 09:20:50 AM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. Looks like I am talking hogfan''s picks 11/01/2000 10:24:17 AM
GOOD SATURDAY MORNING. Check out my page at hogfan''s picks 10/28/2000 01:16:28 PM
GOOD LATE MORNING BOARD. Man just plain old hogfan''s picks 10/26/2000 10:25:47 AM
GOOD LATE MORNING BOARD. Puter problems here but hogfan''s picks 10/25/2000 10:09:19 AM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. Well at least the futures hogfan''s picks 10/24/2000 08:56:34 AM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. Win, just went to site hogfan''s picks 10/23/2000 08:59:04 AM
Been doing DD all weekend on FFAX and hogfan''s picks 10/21/2000 06:44:39 PM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. Legend, Mr. Murphy can sell hogfan''s picks 10/20/2000 09:07:59 AM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. Thanks Bernard for the hogfan''s picks 10/19/2000 08:59:53 AM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. Get ready for a fugly hogfan''s picks 10/18/2000 09:26:34 AM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. Looks like the market is hogfan''s picks 10/16/2000 08:55:23 AM
I agree about FFAXE, and your right didn't OTC BB Pulse: Daily and Weekly Stock Picking Challenge (UPDOWN) 10/13/2000 09:34:14 AM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. What could be better full hogfan''s picks 10/13/2000 09:32:32 AM
UP THAT & TALL OTC BB Pulse: Daily and Weekly Stock Picking Challenge (UPDOWN) 10/12/2000 05:05:17 PM
Bernard, can't really complain aobut my OTCBB plays, hogfan''s picks 10/12/2000 04:55:42 PM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. Rising, I am not but hogfan''s picks 10/12/2000 09:04:43 AM
GOOD LATE MORNING ISP problems here but looking hogfan''s picks 10/11/2000 12:19:55 PM
FM, TALL being given the heads up by hogfan''s picks 10/09/2000 11:36:36 AM
GOOD MORNING BOARD, well the Bond market is hogfan''s picks 10/09/2000 08:42:09 AM
GOOD MORNING BOARD, man am I tired of hogfan''s picks 10/05/2000 09:00:38 AM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. Why am I up when hogfan''s picks 10/04/2000 09:06:32 AM
GOOD MORNING BOARD, Thanks lance have deleated his hogfan''s picks 10/03/2000 09:09:02 AM
GOOD MORNING BOARD. I took most of the hogfan''s picks 10/02/2000 09:06:53 AM

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