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AUdad  Hunting- Fishing- Farmng since I'm retired and Just enjoying life....

Posts by AUdadBoardDate/Time
That was 4 months ago!! How come it Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 08/05/2021 06:38:45 PM
Brother I miss you and all those we Stockfire's House 07/25/2021 05:57:32 PM
I want to know why it was dead Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 07/02/2021 09:29:19 PM
LOAD and HOLD.. JK Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 06/15/2021 04:45:37 PM
Yep, sure looks that way. Glad I had Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 06/03/2021 07:53:12 PM
Have looked everywhere for you Vant!! We go Pinto Beans & Penny Stocks 2020 (BEAN) 05/25/2021 10:57:28 PM
DD I miss the old days, you, Virginian,Tooth Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 05/21/2021 08:16:50 PM
I am so glad for all that got Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 05/20/2021 02:45:32 PM
Let's slap that ask on the 2's then Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 05/19/2021 10:42:51 AM
I asked that same question captbly, I decided Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 03/31/2021 09:57:06 AM
Any thing I buy now will be sold Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 03/16/2021 03:18:26 PM
I will have to admit though, it was Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 03/16/2021 03:07:15 PM
Is this a good Stock????? LOL! JK! Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 03/16/2021 03:04:21 PM
I look at that myself Iron Heart and Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 03/11/2021 09:00:39 PM
I understand what you are saying, just something Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 03/05/2021 05:03:30 PM
I so miss Stock Lobster, I could ask The Question and Answer Board (IHUB) 03/03/2021 09:10:32 PM
Forgive my ignorance and old age!! It's been The Question and Answer Board (IHUB) 03/03/2021 09:05:08 PM
I'm still wondering what is propping this thing Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 03/03/2021 08:58:07 PM
What is propping this thing up, price staying Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 02/27/2021 10:41:41 AM
Went ahead and sold the rest of my Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 02/22/2021 08:12:09 PM
Okay. Thanks Z. Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 02/18/2021 02:29:10 PM
I'm fixing to go out of town so Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 02/18/2021 02:27:24 PM
Ben7 days ago Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 02/18/2021 02:09:51 PM
DEVELOP . PRODUCE . DISTRIBUTE . REPEAT Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 02/18/2021 02:07:02 PM
I have another question to people in this Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 02/17/2021 05:38:56 PM
I was wondering if all who were like Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 02/17/2021 10:45:28 AM
In the words of an old friend from Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 02/15/2021 07:45:05 PM
Toilet Paper Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 12/31/2020 08:03:29 PM
I tried to put mine on today, but Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 11/12/2020 11:44:35 PM
A great big owl will pluck it off Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 06/26/2020 07:31:21 PM
Awesome Shelly!! I'm back! The Question and Answer Board (IHUB) 03/19/2020 08:37:07 PM
You too cap! A Monster Energy Nascar Challenge 10/01/2019 04:49:33 PM
Hey now you can swing those clubs without A Monster Energy Nascar Challenge 10/01/2019 04:48:56 PM
Great to see so many of ya'll are A Monster Energy Nascar Challenge 10/01/2019 04:44:08 PM
Ive been hanging around the boards, just reading A Monster Energy Nascar Challenge 10/01/2019 04:35:55 PM
Hey Red been years! where has lacymarie gone? A Monster Energy Nascar Challenge 09/30/2019 11:54:17 PM
Sorry but I invested 1000,s of dollars in Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 09/30/2019 11:34:00 PM
:))) Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 05/25/2019 10:23:25 PM
Well datgummit!!! I guess this means we are Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 05/23/2019 09:41:12 PM
Well after my last hospital stay with those Blackout Media Corp (BKMP) 01/07/2019 03:29:56 PM

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