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They are still struggling with cash flow so Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 02/28/2021 08:47:52 PM
actually what is happening is they need some Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 12/16/2020 06:08:44 PM
I am hoping that they will be current Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 12/01/2020 05:12:58 PM
there is news coming out soon. Looks Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 12/01/2020 02:28:12 PM
no they just have a bad auditor Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 11/27/2020 07:12:15 PM
I talked to them the other day.....There is Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 11/27/2020 02:17:53 PM
Still having problems with the audit getting done. Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 11/24/2020 07:20:18 PM
Still having problems with the audit getting done. Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 11/24/2020 07:20:08 PM
thanks for the information I did not know Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 11/10/2020 06:05:34 PM
no short...I own that much some of going Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 11/09/2020 04:04:23 PM
I do not know anything about that Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 11/08/2020 04:33:33 PM
Iam the one who dumped some shares as Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 11/04/2020 07:26:23 PM
Ok, So I talked to the boss today. Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 11/04/2020 07:22:56 PM
I just spoke to the main man. Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 10/26/2020 06:23:38 PM
From what heard yesterday they were hoping that Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 10/15/2020 08:00:34 PM
talked to the boss today. He said Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 10/09/2020 04:50:43 PM
for some reason he is holding back until Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 10/07/2020 07:15:09 PM
we spoke about the the stock pricing with Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 10/07/2020 04:08:22 PM
I would say 2018 next week. This Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 10/07/2020 04:04:32 PM
I spoke to the boss man today. Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 10/07/2020 03:12:14 PM
They had to hire an additional accounting firm Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 09/29/2020 07:53:16 PM
Those are pending unit sales Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 09/23/2020 06:04:44 PM
I spoke to the man today. Conducting a Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 09/23/2020 03:34:21 PM
Frustrated with investors no. There are not Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 09/09/2020 05:22:24 PM
Difficulties with the auditor always asking for more Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 09/09/2020 05:14:48 PM
I will try to provide an update later Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 09/09/2020 02:22:15 PM
however based upon what I heard the other Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 08/27/2020 11:46:54 AM
I can't do a private reply because I Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 08/27/2020 11:41:55 AM
Hearing the audit will be filed next week. Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 08/27/2020 10:35:28 AM
Iam the guy that bought the 22K shares. Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 08/25/2020 12:58:53 PM
I have been told recently that the audit Sector 5 Inc. (SFIV) 08/25/2020 12:26:59 PM

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