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CC Writer, after Lou Dobbs, made Keep America Great ! 02/20/2020 08:17:21 AM
Watch ""THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT" Rod Blagojevich Thanks Keep America Great ! 02/20/2020 12:17:39 AM
Jugs, YAHOO! Avita Medical Ltd. (RCEL) 02/18/2020 11:02:37 PM
Bill Barr 'is threatening to QUIT as Attorney Keep America Great ! 02/18/2020 10:40:23 PM
Thanks for posting as I sent it to Keep America Great ! 02/17/2020 02:53:07 PM
WOW, just didn't want him to be Keep America Great ! 02/17/2020 01:04:43 PM
I surely would not have posted it here Keep America Great ! 02/17/2020 12:47:41 PM
Americans start evacuating coronavirus cruise ship in Japan Americans Keep America Great ! 02/17/2020 11:03:28 AM
Don't know if this has been posted but Avita Medical Ltd. (RCEL) 02/15/2020 10:47:38 AM
david25, Thanks! Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 02/14/2020 02:40:32 PM
Been here almost two years & hugging this Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 02/14/2020 01:16:07 PM
How much longer we going to have to Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 02/14/2020 01:13:08 PM
See new Tweets Conversation ? OPTEC International. Inc. @optecfuelintl The Optec International Inc (OPTI) 02/14/2020 01:11:16 PM
News OPTEC International, Inc. Interim Unaudited Income Statement Optec International Inc (OPTI) 02/14/2020 08:44:08 AM
NYBob, the Web Address at the bottom Keep America Great ! 02/13/2020 06:23:29 AM
200,000 Crypto Traders Now Have Access to Leading UA Multimedia, Inc. (UAMM) 02/12/2020 11:36:40 PM
penguin007, I can't wait too! Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 02/12/2020 06:31:39 PM
Trump impeachment witness Vindman escorted out of White House https://www.cnbc.c Keep America Great ! 02/07/2020 06:57:47 PM
James Carville is “scared to death” about whether Keep America Great ! 02/07/2020 01:07:09 PM
Watch "NOW IT’S TRUMP’S TURN! POTUS JUST PUT Keep America Great ! 02/07/2020 01:33:46 AM
Nancy Pelosi may have just committed a violation Keep America Great ! 02/07/2020 01:29:03 AM
Mike Pence: Nancy Pelosi hit a 'new low' Keep America Great ! 02/05/2020 12:16:50 PM
OTCQB Listing Requirements, OTCQB Reporting Requirements, / Anthony Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 02/05/2020 11:37:32 AM
Watch "'The Five' react to Rush Limbaugh's lung Keep America Great ! 02/04/2020 09:05:07 AM
All Sectors are red today NGL ENERGY PARTNERS LP (NGL) 01/31/2020 03:48:31 PM
Tesla shorts trampled face more than 15 billion Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) 01/30/2020 10:42:03 PM
Moses reportedly spotted in the East African area Keep America Great ! 01/30/2020 06:01:46 PM
A swarm contains up to 150 million locusts per square Keep America Great ! 01/30/2020 06:01:09 PM
Photos: Worst Locust Swarms in Decades Hit East Keep America Great ! 01/30/2020 06:00:33 PM
Watch "CORONA VIRUS WATCH AND SHARE THIS Keep America Great ! 01/30/2020 01:41:18 AM
Neymam, if you hit the ASK we'll UA Multimedia, Inc. (UAMM) 01/29/2020 08:38:47 AM
DOJ disputes report on Bolton conversation with Barr Keep America Great ! 01/28/2020 06:50:47 AM
Here is another John McCain turn coat spewing Keep America Great ! 01/28/2020 06:42:06 AM
That said could be true, but the Keep America Great ! 01/28/2020 06:34:02 AM
Monroe1, it seems to me that Barr & Keep America Great ! 01/28/2020 04:23:49 AM
Sorry got two of the same before this Keep America Great ! 01/25/2020 10:16:23 PM
2nd by BCP Watch "WHOA! RUDY BETTER HAVE Keep America Great ! 01/25/2020 10:08:49 PM
Watch "WHOA! RUDY BETTER HAVE SECRET SERVICE PROTECTION Keep America Great ! 01/25/2020 10:05:14 PM
This video should make your blood boil! Watch Keep America Great ! 01/20/2020 04:19:39 PM
100K @ 0.007 UA Multimedia, Inc. (UAMM) 01/17/2020 03:39:50 PM