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That would be suicide. Trulieve has a formula Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/13/2020 11:45:30 AM
Thank you. And you can always get in. Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/13/2020 10:30:45 AM
If we were a tech company, my mind Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/13/2020 09:43:54 AM
Let’s take a quick look at the next Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/12/2020 12:11:54 PM
Agreed. His ideology is going to kill our Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/11/2020 07:51:43 PM
What I want to know is who is buying Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/10/2020 03:55:47 PM
Yep. Fifteen is very doable next week and Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/10/2020 02:38:52 PM
I think the stock is just catching up. Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 07/10/2020 02:22:48 PM
Dude, didn’t you read my trading range post? Figure Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/10/2020 12:31:47 PM
More good news. Pot takes 137 days to Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/10/2020 12:29:44 PM
That’s why I put an eighth with it. Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 07/10/2020 09:09:53 AM
Have you tried Trulieve’s GroundFlower. It’s seven grams Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 07/10/2020 09:03:35 AM
Interesting. I’m a flower guy myself and my Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 07/10/2020 08:34:08 AM
Biden has no choice in the matter. The Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/10/2020 08:28:55 AM
Best news I’ve heard all week. Should lead Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/10/2020 08:23:20 AM
Should have gone seed to sale in Illinois. Green Thumb Industries (GTBIF) 07/09/2020 10:05:28 AM
Aug 18, 2020 is the next quarterly announcement Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/08/2020 04:31:46 PM
This has been driving me crazy all day. Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/08/2020 03:42:19 PM
Mid August. They’ll announce the actual date soon. Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/08/2020 03:36:28 PM
A repeat of a post on another board Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/06/2020 06:34:07 PM
Probably from .2890 to .36 for the time Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 07/06/2020 06:25:50 PM
No such thing. Just average down. If you Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 07/06/2020 03:07:24 PM
Thanks. I forgot that. So much for reading comprehension Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/04/2020 08:19:03 PM
Fabulous information. Many thanks I’ve been by that Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/04/2020 08:17:33 PM
True. They’ve been selling an average of 1,200 Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/04/2020 09:55:05 AM
This week’s OMMU numbers were an eye opener, Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/03/2020 10:30:09 PM
Thanks for the correction. I’m all in with Green Thumb Industries (GTBIF) 07/03/2020 02:26:07 PM
Sounds like somebody is bailing out,eh? Green Thumb Industries (GTBIF) 07/03/2020 01:04:47 PM
LMAO. Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 07/01/2020 03:11:44 PM
The problem isn’t sales. The problem is supplying Green Thumb Industries (GTBIF) 07/01/2020 11:58:34 AM
Folks don’t yet realize how good a company Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 06/30/2020 01:00:04 PM
I was asked a question and I answered Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 06/30/2020 09:38:51 AM
In other words the articles are just pure Green Thumb Industries (GTBIF) 06/29/2020 10:15:36 PM
If trulieve went by your numbers, the stock Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (LHSIF) 06/29/2020 10:01:09 PM
Btw, trulieve has a 46% market share in Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 06/27/2020 01:26:37 PM
I’m not going to try to change your Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 06/27/2020 01:21:17 PM
Trulieve will either be NASDAQ or NYSE within Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 06/27/2020 01:14:05 PM
Alright, fair enough. First, the is an agriculture industry. Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 06/27/2020 09:09:01 AM
Thanks for the clarification Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 06/26/2020 02:52:52 PM
I’m beginning to think Dd is a troll. Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) 06/26/2020 01:34:03 PM