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Ferdinand Capital 

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CBDD according to the experts the price target CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/18/2019 05:52:48 PM
CBDD I’m adding more due to the spam CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/18/2019 01:05:41 PM
CBDD it should be fun. Loading up some CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/18/2019 09:17:21 AM
@Newjackcity my friends recommended it early May. I CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/14/2019 05:48:29 PM
$CBDD I have done my own DD and CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/14/2019 03:27:37 PM
Jaja What would you like to see from CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/14/2019 02:21:24 PM
Jaja jaja if your numbers are correct, you CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/14/2019 01:42:53 PM
CBDD so what’s your prediction? Going back to CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/13/2019 02:25:38 PM
CBDD https://finance.yahoo.com/news/cbd-denver-inc-cbdd-announces-124000698.html CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/13/2019 12:28:20 PM
CBDD nice volume in the 9s this AM. CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/13/2019 11:21:15 AM
Wrong Fake News. CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/12/2019 10:50:46 AM
CBDD you are correct sir. Great things are CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/11/2019 09:29:24 PM
CBDD last transaction of the day was don’t CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/11/2019 04:04:15 PM
CBDD did some analysts had this stock at CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/11/2019 11:20:08 AM
CBDD 22 M volume in an hour. CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/11/2019 10:30:50 AM
CBDD 7s are almost gone but we have CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/11/2019 10:07:16 AM
CBDD it will be a perfect time to CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/10/2019 02:21:30 PM
Bubba is waiting for some fresh meat CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/06/2019 06:51:04 PM
Mojo, I’m confused by your posts in the CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/05/2019 01:55:28 PM
$CBDD nice day here today. Not looking good CBD Denver Inc. (CBDD) 06/05/2019 11:07:23 AM