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splintered sunlight 

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That was very helpful advice. Goff Corp. (GOFF) 09/27/2021 03:45:21 PM
What is the purpose of a Form 10 Goff Corp. (GOFF) 09/27/2021 03:23:39 PM
FGCO is no longer defying gravity..... Financial Gravity Companies Inc. (FGCO) 09/27/2021 03:14:04 PM
342K shares? Sterling Consolidated (STCC) 09/27/2021 02:34:27 PM
Sweet Aqua Power Systems Inc. (APSI) 09/27/2021 02:27:10 PM
How about both especially at the same time? Hinto Energy, Inc. (HENI) 09/27/2021 02:04:57 PM
Would love to see it stay quoted!!!!! Colombia Energy Resources, Inc. (CERX) 09/27/2021 01:52:29 PM
Let's go papas!!!!!!!!!!! Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 09/27/2021 01:50:38 PM
That is freakin hilarious - thanks for sharing!!!!!!!! Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 09/27/2021 01:38:21 PM
Most likely won't be quoted after tomorrow......... Colombia Energy Resources, Inc. (CERX) 09/27/2021 01:36:39 PM
I'm trying to buy more as well. Hinto Energy, Inc. (HENI) 09/27/2021 01:32:34 PM
Spectacular Harris Exploration, Inc (HXPN) 09/27/2021 01:31:01 PM
Down 73% Stem Cell Authority, Ltd. (SCAL) 09/27/2021 01:30:20 PM
Crazy wild - I am anxious to see Gunther Grant, Inc. (GNGR) 09/27/2021 01:09:38 PM
Yes it does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Transnational Group, Inc. (TAMG) 09/27/2021 01:05:44 PM
Great news - thanks!!!!! Harris Exploration, Inc (HXPN) 09/27/2021 12:54:54 PM
Which multi billion dollar companies were listed with MEGH? MW Investment Holding Group Inc. (MEGH) 09/27/2021 12:44:18 PM
Wanna bet? Transnational Group, Inc. (TAMG) 09/27/2021 12:29:02 PM
Ah but it will!!!!!!!!!! Transnational Group, Inc. (TAMG) 09/27/2021 12:28:26 PM
Not seeing the love today........ Transnational Group, Inc. (TAMG) 09/27/2021 12:20:45 PM
I make that assumption based on the fact Xenonics Holdings Inc (XNNHQ) 09/27/2021 11:08:26 AM
I see what you see but some of Xenonics Holdings Inc (XNNHQ) 09/27/2021 11:07:35 AM
Looks like people are throwing in the towel......... Benchmark Energy Corp. (BMRK) 09/27/2021 11:05:49 AM
Looks like people are throwing in the towel......... 3Dshopping.com (THDS) 09/27/2021 11:05:32 AM
I hear you loud and clear!!!!!!!! IsoRay inc. (ISR) 09/27/2021 10:41:06 AM
I do not think this falls under the Xenonics Holdings Inc (XNNHQ) 09/27/2021 10:37:25 AM
That is great news - thank you Hinto Energy, Inc. (HENI) 09/27/2021 10:34:49 AM
Obviously. What do you think it will take? IsoRay inc. (ISR) 09/27/2021 10:29:22 AM
I'm afraid you are correct - if they Buildablock Corp. (BABL) 09/27/2021 09:29:14 AM
Sit, wait and be patient at this point......... Fountain Healthy Aging Inc. (FHAI) 09/27/2021 09:17:45 AM
I hope they find this OMNI guy and China Medicine Corporation (CHME) 09/27/2021 09:15:58 AM
That's not true that nobody can buy anymore Goff Corp. (GOFF) 09/27/2021 09:03:15 AM
Yes it is - do you think they Buildablock Corp. (BABL) 09/27/2021 09:01:49 AM
Ain't it the truth!!!!!! Trend Exploration Inc (TRDX) 09/26/2021 10:26:37 PM
I'll be holding as well. MW Investment Holding Group Inc. (MEGH) 09/26/2021 10:19:36 PM
You might be but somebody is....... DH Enchantment Inc. (ENMI) 09/26/2021 10:09:50 PM
You can call your orders in it or All American Pet Company, Inc. (AAPT) 09/26/2021 09:38:17 PM
You and me both. Buildablock Corp. (BABL) 09/26/2021 09:31:08 PM
Much appreciate it!!!!!!! Body Basics Inc. (ZCBD) 09/25/2021 02:05:18 PM
Yes that does seem to be what's happening...... Buildablock Corp. (BABL) 09/25/2021 01:59:16 PM

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