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Something you fail to realize cp Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 02/27/2020 10:17:20 PM
CHEE CHEE MOMMAMIA EnWave Corp. (NWVCF) 02/27/2020 09:34:54 PM
I meant exactly what I said.eom Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 02/27/2020 09:29:55 PM
That little prediction didn't hold up to long cp,lol. Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 02/27/2020 12:26:51 PM
Wonder when Zelira will give us updates,and forward Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/27/2020 12:17:56 PM
Here is a good look into Australias top Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/27/2020 12:03:26 PM
"Bottom confermation" lol.are you kidding me, Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 02/27/2020 10:34:30 AM
Go back in time to 2010 Zynerba Pharmaceuticals (ZYNE) 02/27/2020 09:19:33 AM
Very interesting,thanks Hunchbackgeek. Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 02/27/2020 08:39:02 AM
Excellent article.Thanks. Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/27/2020 08:19:37 AM
I certainly do Stocfor fun,I've made many post Zynerba Pharmaceuticals (ZYNE) 02/27/2020 08:13:27 AM
https://420intel.com/articles/2020/02/26/canadas-marijuana-sales-topped-110-mill Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 02/26/2020 11:54:36 AM
THANKS FastMny.EM EnWave Corp. (NWVCF) 02/26/2020 09:04:32 AM
That's wonderfull,is there a site that tells us Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 02/26/2020 12:36:44 AM
Hmmmmm,well it's only been 8 hours and 26 EnWave Corp. (NWVCF) 02/26/2020 12:24:49 AM
Ok,it is 12:o3 EST,just got home , and EnWave Corp. (NWVCF) 02/26/2020 12:10:09 AM
Nice! Thanks iluvtofu. Zynerba Pharmaceuticals (ZYNE) 02/25/2020 11:50:29 AM
Would be nice Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/25/2020 11:25:09 AM
Up slightly in Australia today. Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/25/2020 08:41:17 AM
LOL...EOM Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 02/24/2020 08:56:55 PM
That's has nothing to do with what I'm Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 02/24/2020 02:10:13 PM
I agree,and see your point.Its going to be Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/24/2020 10:28:15 AM
So,Im a bit confused,my interpretation of the last Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/24/2020 04:55:45 AM
It's kind of hard to get your mind Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/23/2020 06:47:06 PM
It is like I posted yesterday,the money and Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 02/23/2020 05:10:32 PM
Zelira Therapeutics Meets Primary Endpoints for Phase (1b/2a) Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/23/2020 12:40:16 PM
Stagering statistics on insomnia. Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/23/2020 12:26:12 PM
Current stats on Medical Marijuana in Penselvania look Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/23/2020 11:51:54 AM
This is the current list from Penselvanias Department Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/23/2020 11:33:50 AM
Here is great evidence as to why I Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/23/2020 11:18:56 AM
Came across this summary of Zelira,it really goes Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/23/2020 09:47:52 AM
By the end of March Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/23/2020 09:22:20 AM
I'd have to say,at this point Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) 02/22/2020 06:41:26 PM
The deeper I dig into Zelira Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/22/2020 11:04:01 AM
You bet,and thank you. Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/21/2020 01:01:44 PM
I bought some this morning after finding Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/21/2020 01:00:45 PM
Here's the link...https://420intel.com/ Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/21/2020 12:49:38 PM
Found it looking at 420 intel cannabis web Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/21/2020 12:47:10 PM
Thanks for the interview nonameface13,very impressive team. Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/21/2020 12:04:37 PM
Just bought in,GL to all. eom Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. (ZLDAF) 02/21/2020 11:05:40 AM