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Posts by wheresthebeef123BoardDate/Time
Yep $10 for sure Credit Suisse X Links Monthly Pay 2xLeveraged Mortgage REIT (REML) 04/16/2020 07:59:50 PM
Cancel the rs Direxion Daily Brazil Bull 3X ETF (BRZU) 04/16/2020 07:58:54 PM
500,000 my bad Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 04/15/2020 11:40:28 AM
$50,000 for indebtedness wtf is wrong with this company Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 04/15/2020 11:38:52 AM
He’s burning and turning the company to tanner a Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 04/14/2020 02:22:07 PM
Man what a mess where’s our shitty update yet Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 04/09/2020 10:35:09 AM
Omg can we get back to .51 already Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 04/09/2020 10:34:24 AM
This is a dumpster fire Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 04/08/2020 04:58:21 PM
Nope nothing Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 04/08/2020 04:57:59 PM
Are we going bankrupt? Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 04/06/2020 11:26:31 AM
There was an update today though it was Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 04/03/2020 03:10:29 AM
On good news this doesn’t move Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 04/01/2020 02:11:09 PM
We got a runner Atossa Genetics, Inc. (ATOS) 03/30/2020 08:07:46 PM
Can this break .11 Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 03/30/2020 11:55:22 AM
These are both dead fish right now idk Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 03/23/2020 02:38:53 PM
Let’s make compliance Atossa Genetics, Inc. (ATOS) 03/20/2020 12:53:15 PM
It’s like he’s just trying to barely keep Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 03/19/2020 12:20:07 PM
I’m gonna bitch until this turd flys Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 03/19/2020 11:05:31 AM
Wtf man Scott got a lot of explaining Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 03/19/2020 10:41:45 AM
*buys lol Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 03/13/2020 03:20:10 PM
This should pop there were big buts at .13 Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 03/13/2020 03:19:54 PM
Same Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 03/12/2020 12:02:14 PM
It is but man I man the over Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 03/12/2020 11:54:38 AM
Ok so from E*TRADE there first shipment went Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 03/11/2020 01:25:10 PM
Ok this has to go up why is Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 03/10/2020 05:56:04 PM
Well we’re going to the qb Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 03/06/2020 03:24:22 PM
Can we get to $1 land so we Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 03/05/2020 08:09:32 PM
No wrong way green green Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 03/04/2020 03:26:21 PM
Ok we did now let’s keep it going Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 03/04/2020 03:19:42 PM
Can we move above .20 Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 03/04/2020 02:44:04 PM
I wish the share buy backs would happen Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 03/04/2020 10:19:51 AM
Trfn is doing ok all things considered but Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 03/03/2020 01:11:37 PM
It’s not really it’s just kinda floating a Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 03/03/2020 01:09:43 PM
I hope the buy back goes through soon Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 03/02/2020 12:38:46 PM
Oh hush it was supposed to be valued Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 03/02/2020 12:04:04 PM
Go up ugggh I wanna be in lambs land Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 02/28/2020 03:48:13 PM
The market is tanking every one buy this Taronis Fuels Inc. (TRNF) 02/27/2020 01:47:33 PM
Let’s get news soon Atossa Genetics, Inc. (ATOS) 02/12/2020 02:30:11 PM
Well you know what they say about hope Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 02/12/2020 02:28:38 PM
I see a Steady hold @1.50 ish we Atossa Genetics, Inc. (ATOS) 02/10/2020 12:04:05 PM

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