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Outstanding TD.!! Still unclear as to "partners" for Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 09/23/2021 01:24:54 AM
TD: Just my opinion, but the responsibility of Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 09/19/2021 04:25:52 PM
Sorry...Don't understand. What partner and why? Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 09/18/2021 11:31:35 PM
AOIFF working on paying down debt, not increasing Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 09/18/2021 05:19:47 PM
buccaneer1961. That is how I understand it. Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 09/18/2021 04:19:38 PM
There is no way AOC will pay any Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 09/18/2021 04:13:38 PM
Oil to be recovered over the next 12-20 Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 09/18/2021 02:16:38 AM
KEY to Kenya! Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 09/17/2021 04:49:25 PM
Why not sell covered calls first. At Apple Inc. (AAPL) 09/17/2021 04:32:50 PM
Kenya looking much better!!! Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 09/15/2021 02:41:32 AM
KH is paying debt down very fast. Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 09/13/2021 04:08:54 PM
Apple earnings Due November 4, 2021: Annualized Consensus Apple Inc. (AAPL) 09/12/2021 05:12:09 PM
CASH ON HAND. Apple Inc. (AAPL) 09/10/2021 06:04:02 PM
Thanks douginil. I Think Stockhouse comments are Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 09/08/2021 04:09:40 PM
Africa Oil Dividend from POGBV speculation date. Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 09/04/2021 04:45:05 PM
About AOC. Additional info. Thank to Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 09/01/2021 03:56:56 PM
Agree with the sentiment. Satellite phone is Apple Inc. (AAPL) 08/30/2021 06:54:35 PM
8/29/21 OMG!! Editor OilPrice.com Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/29/2021 05:34:16 PM
From Barrons: Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/24/2021 11:58:36 AM
Thank you oil. Nice rally. Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/23/2021 04:55:54 PM
You're welcome douginil. Just listened to the Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/17/2021 01:45:04 PM
Here is the article I promised. Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/16/2021 07:22:41 PM
If I knew that, you would kneel before me. Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/16/2021 07:20:13 PM
Seeking Alpha article: I will post at later Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/16/2021 05:51:14 PM
The Lundin Mining corporation ($8.98 PS) pays a Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/15/2021 07:24:53 PM
Agree Douginil.... Lots of nice looking catalysts. Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/13/2021 01:00:50 PM
So "douginil" What is your opinion on Africa Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/12/2021 06:42:13 PM
Tomorrow will make or break me. AOC, Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/12/2021 03:01:21 AM
And hopefully a heads up on future dividends... Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/10/2021 07:20:57 PM
Very weird.. By word of mouth alone, this Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/09/2021 03:59:03 PM
LOL... I hope not just yet. I'd like Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/07/2021 06:56:03 PM
Well done and said "douginil". Total number Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/06/2021 05:40:01 PM
Gentlemen??? Start your engines. Charts are very Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/06/2021 03:27:04 PM
Agreed douginil. Best risk/reward scenario I have Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/04/2021 08:26:24 PM
Thanks douginil. Now if my AAPL can move Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/02/2021 01:17:16 PM
OK Keith. Buy back some shares to Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/02/2021 02:05:15 AM
OK Keith. Buy back some shares to Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/02/2021 02:01:46 AM
News Release Issued: Aug 2, 2021 (1:00am EDT) Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/02/2021 01:56:41 AM
Suite 2000 885 West Georgia Street Vancouver, B.C. Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 07/30/2021 08:00:12 PM
Right "Dell". The mother of all backlogs Apple Inc. (AAPL) 07/28/2021 07:08:33 PM

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