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Posts by Esquire-MBA-BSNBoardDate/Time
I’ve been here since before thanksgiving and feel Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 12/13/2019 03:52:56 PM
Doesn’t matter. Gone down 6 of last 7 Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 12/13/2019 10:03:24 AM
Ceo@optecmpg.com Optec International Inc (OPTI) 12/12/2019 03:46:46 PM
The BID is falling. Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 12/12/2019 02:38:47 PM
When do you see this happening? Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 12/12/2019 02:08:29 PM
I emailed him and he replied within 10 Optec International Inc (OPTI) 12/12/2019 01:32:49 PM
Why? Because I stated a fact? I’d worry Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 12/11/2019 02:24:57 PM
He belongs in prison. Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 12/11/2019 02:19:27 PM
Hasn’t closed yet. Been walked down to the Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 12/11/2019 02:18:55 PM
I definitely hear you and agree. Total BS Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 12/11/2019 01:56:10 PM
The question is can it actually HOLD a Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 12/11/2019 01:41:43 PM
What douchebag sold into 0.0094? Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 12/11/2019 12:32:39 PM
Ysr but until someone slaps the ask and GH Cap Inc (GHHC) 12/11/2019 11:48:55 AM
Agreed. I’m loaded. Ready for it to go Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 12/11/2019 09:51:58 AM
Ditto. If not, same trend. Start off green Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 12/11/2019 09:37:18 AM
Same sh.. different day. Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 12/10/2019 03:55:52 PM
And it did. Just like clockwork. Trades green Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 12/10/2019 03:01:23 PM
Yep. Same S... different day. Gets old. Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 12/10/2019 10:47:00 AM
There you go. 5 days of red closes straight. Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 12/09/2019 04:00:40 PM
Damn thing trades green all day then closes Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 12/09/2019 03:58:50 PM
BID now below 52 week low. This is Digatrade Financial Corp. (DIGAF) 12/09/2019 02:37:30 PM
This can’t even go up 0.0001. There are Digatrade Financial Corp. (DIGAF) 12/09/2019 01:33:05 PM
And.....no upward movement thus far. Digatrade Financial Corp. (DIGAF) 12/09/2019 01:08:29 PM
At some point the damn BID has to Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 12/09/2019 11:55:26 AM
No news and down 25%. If this isn’t GH Cap Inc (GHHC) 12/09/2019 11:54:50 AM
Yep and it’s down again. GH Cap Inc (GHHC) 12/09/2019 11:23:40 AM
What a POS. Green all day then this Renewable Energy & Power (RBNW) 12/06/2019 03:47:21 PM
Exactly. There are no buyout talks. It’s more Digatrade Financial Corp. (DIGAF) 12/06/2019 12:40:10 PM
Nope. It’s the company doing it. Another sell Digatrade Financial Corp. (DIGAF) 12/06/2019 12:25:01 PM
If I hadn’t lost so much, it would Digatrade Financial Corp. (DIGAF) 12/05/2019 01:56:29 PM
700 volume for $0.63. Massive interest. GH Cap Inc (GHHC) 12/05/2019 11:39:05 AM
It’s a joke. GH Cap Inc (GHHC) 12/05/2019 09:51:59 AM
Nothing but continued selling. Same Stuff Different Day. Digatrade Financial Corp. (DIGAF) 12/04/2019 02:50:00 PM
LOL. Ok. Some have been saying that for Digatrade Financial Corp. (DIGAF) 12/03/2019 12:49:20 PM
Selling into the BiD again. Here we go. Digatrade Financial Corp. (DIGAF) 12/03/2019 10:19:25 AM
I doubt it. It’s all gone silent. Not GH Cap Inc (GHHC) 12/03/2019 10:09:46 AM
From a legal standpoint, that’s why I’m trying Digatrade Financial Corp. (DIGAF) 11/22/2019 06:50:56 PM
Already reported them to the SEC and to Digatrade Financial Corp. (DIGAF) 11/22/2019 06:35:12 PM
He wants money. He needs prison. Digatrade Financial Corp. (DIGAF) 11/21/2019 03:17:20 PM
Agreed. Down again today. Honestly don’t know why GH Cap Inc (GHHC) 11/21/2019 12:19:12 PM