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Live and learn. Very sad day. I Global Concepts 09/26/2008 10:20:56 PM
Suspension of Trading Global Concepts 08/19/2008 04:43:26 PM
GCCP has been Suspended!!! oh brother!!! Global Concepts 08/19/2008 04:20:14 PM
Guys, why the current ask .02 and the Global Concepts 08/19/2008 10:16:08 AM
I wonder when and what the first PR Global Concepts 08/17/2008 06:44:01 PM
I have buys in at .0003 but so Global Concepts 08/15/2008 10:14:35 PM
ibox updated~~~~~eom Global Concepts 08/01/2008 09:46:44 PM
WOW, Guys you got to checkout this!!!! Global Concepts 08/01/2008 09:23:54 PM
Hi Gokker. GCCP needs news and volume. .0003 Global Concepts 08/01/2008 06:04:24 PM
I should have done more dd before buying Global Concepts 04/09/2008 08:11:22 PM
bid and ask is tight. .0045 x .00046 Redwood Group International 04/08/2008 01:11:24 PM
WOW! SIVC chart is amazing. I wished Redwood Group International 04/08/2008 10:55:10 AM
Very depressing, GCCP bid .0003 at all time Global Concepts 04/03/2008 12:29:14 PM
Moves like this are the main reason I Carlton Companies, Inc. (fka CTNO) 03/25/2008 12:52:25 PM
WOW! I love it! Please continue. eom Carlton Companies, Inc. (fka CTNO) 03/25/2008 11:47:35 AM
Its been pretty slow in penny stocks land Global Concepts 03/25/2008 11:38:43 AM
OT. Yeah, I agree. It would have Global Concepts 03/25/2008 07:36:36 AM
OT. aquaspin, Did you see what happened to Global Concepts 03/17/2008 05:01:15 PM
Very odd, changed the short list again. Global Concepts 03/17/2008 09:08:51 AM
Shorts are up Global Concepts 03/14/2008 08:00:48 AM
Level 2 very thin till .001, then nothing Global Concepts 03/11/2008 09:49:54 AM
Got some yesterday. This looks very interesting. JACOBSON RESONANCE 03/06/2008 08:54:48 AM
RXAF Chart looking good again. Nice rolling chart. Rx for Africa, Inc (fka RXAF) 03/04/2008 07:03:08 AM
Good luck to us. We need a miracle. eom Global Concepts 03/01/2008 09:52:24 PM
At this point, the only hope we got Global Concepts 02/22/2008 09:25:39 AM
OXFD looks great. NEWS and charts looks Emerging Healthcare Solutions Inc. (fka EHSI) 02/22/2008 08:25:33 AM
I am the new Moderator of this ghost Global Concepts 02/21/2008 05:21:11 PM
Testing support levels I see. Rx for Africa, Inc (fka RXAF) 02/13/2008 01:43:29 PM
Great week!!! Rx for Africa, Inc (fka RXAF) 01/25/2008 10:20:20 PM
aquaspin, I would love that too. Not much Global Concepts 01/18/2008 11:10:18 AM
I love the chart and recent surge in Rx for Africa, Inc (fka RXAF) 01/18/2008 11:04:50 AM
Nice up day in a weak US market. eom Rx for Africa, Inc (fka RXAF) 01/11/2008 10:02:10 PM
Nice day so far. up 30% Rx for Africa, Inc (fka RXAF) 01/10/2008 02:58:12 PM
aquaspin, I noticed something. Global Concepts 01/06/2008 02:23:41 PM
RXAF chart looks good and MACD wants to Rx for Africa, Inc (fka RXAF) 01/05/2008 07:17:05 AM
Aquaspin, I am so glad gccp didn't hit Global Concepts 01/04/2008 04:43:12 PM
WOW! .0003 very sad. All time low. Global Concepts 01/03/2008 10:34:53 AM
Happy New year Lifegear and Aquaspin!! Global Concepts 01/01/2008 07:42:09 PM
Merry Christmas lifegear. Global Concepts 12/25/2007 09:00:15 AM
I am in. I like today's news SOYO Group, Inc 12/19/2007 12:08:02 PM