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CONSTANTLY ADDED A FEW MILLION SHARES TO THE Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG) 01/17/2018 03:30:46 PM
YES $TAUG SETTLED FOR 2 MILLION IN A Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG) 01/17/2018 12:54:21 PM
*THEY WANT YOUR SHARES STUPID* MY THEORY IS VinCompass Corp. (VCPS) 01/17/2018 11:52:41 AM
CANT ETRADE WITH LARGE BIDS AT .0009 BOTH Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG) 01/17/2018 09:53:55 AM
ONCE CEO GETS A GRIP ON NOTES AND Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG) 01/17/2018 09:31:07 AM
the investments made by TAUG are not swing Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG) 01/16/2018 01:13:56 PM
AS SEAN HANNITY WOULD SAY, TICK TOCK $VCPS VinCompass Corp. (VCPS) 01/16/2018 11:41:57 AM
IF $VCPS WAS A TURD POS THAT WAS VinCompass Corp. (VCPS) 01/16/2018 10:18:15 AM
Simple math a half a million investment vs Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG) 01/16/2018 10:14:07 AM
THE ART OF THE DEAL, CONGRATS ON FRYIN UP Rite Aid (RAD) 01/16/2018 09:02:09 AM
Looks like webpage is under construction, that Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG) 01/15/2018 09:24:44 PM
A VERY SAD LOW VOLUME TRADING DAY HERE, Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG) 01/12/2018 03:54:36 PM
.0009S BID GETTING WHACKED OUT, LETS SEE IF Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG) 01/12/2018 12:27:06 PM
smells like BS to me lol, i guess VinCompass Corp. (VCPS) 01/12/2018 10:26:20 AM
NO BUT THE COMPANY HAS NOTES OUT, AND Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG) 01/12/2018 10:07:55 AM
I WILL JUST LOAD MORE IF WE CONTINUE Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG) 01/12/2018 10:04:44 AM
TAUG IS ALLOWING BMIC TO SINK IT DOWN Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG) 01/12/2018 09:58:21 AM
All big boards are controlled by the "big Rite Aid (RAD) 01/12/2018 09:48:32 AM
LOL HOW WOULD THEY HAVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER??? VinCompass Corp. (VCPS) 01/12/2018 09:42:54 AM
BMIC IS JUST TOO STUPID TO STAY OFF Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG) 01/12/2018 09:41:47 AM
What pump website alerted $VCPS ? VinCompass Corp. (VCPS) 01/12/2018 09:24:39 AM
something has to be brewing here, why else VinCompass Corp. (VCPS) 01/11/2018 02:32:27 PM
that would be, but we all hope that VinCompass Corp. (VCPS) 01/11/2018 01:59:10 PM
THIS SHOULD BE MOVING OFF OF .001 , Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG) 01/11/2018 11:20:42 AM
Tauriga Sciences Inc. Completes Purchase of its Second Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG) 01/11/2018 11:07:20 AM
very low volume here, lets see if we Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG) 01/11/2018 10:54:21 AM
I seriously think this company is trying to VinCompass Corp. (VCPS) 01/11/2018 10:49:50 AM
ASK BACK TO 163 MILLION AFTER 100 MILLY VinCompass Corp. (VCPS) 01/11/2018 10:07:19 AM
THEY ARE SCHEMING A RUN IMO, ASK IS VinCompass Corp. (VCPS) 01/11/2018 09:42:56 AM
UH OOO GAMES BEING PLAYED HERE, IMO THIS VinCompass Corp. (VCPS) 01/11/2018 09:40:04 AM
BIG HITS COMIN IN TODAY, AND GAMES BEING VinCompass Corp. (VCPS) 01/11/2018 09:39:32 AM
ASK AT 81 MILLION 37 MILLION IN ASK VinCompass Corp. (VCPS) 01/11/2018 09:35:13 AM
WHERES SHORTY LOL, CONGRATS RAD'ERS Rite Aid (RAD) 01/11/2018 08:35:51 AM
ask is back down to 131 million again... VinCompass Corp. (VCPS) 01/10/2018 02:33:35 PM
not much left at .0011, and bids have Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG) 01/10/2018 12:18:33 PM
$TAUG TICK TOCK HUGE BIDS AND BIG Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (TAUG) 01/10/2018 11:57:00 AM
the real questions is what is float and VinCompass Corp. (VCPS) 01/10/2018 11:27:06 AM
the simple way to expain it would be VinCompass Corp. (VCPS) 01/10/2018 11:25:50 AM
im sorry i misunderstood you, it makes VinCompass Corp. (VCPS) 01/10/2018 11:20:35 AM
cdel doesn't always have a red share count VinCompass Corp. (VCPS) 01/10/2018 11:15:36 AM