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Charts looking good Georgie18!!! BTCS Inc. (BTCS) 08/09/2021 05:41:35 PM
Thanks Georgie18. I added some more yesterday too. Blaze340 BTCS Inc. (BTCS) 06/09/2021 06:13:28 AM
Always appreciate your input on BTCS. Any thoughts? Blaze340 BTCS Inc. (BTCS) 06/08/2021 07:23:16 PM
Will BTCS be there? BTCS Inc. (BTCS) 05/29/2021 06:35:56 AM
Yep. Added some more at .58. GLTA. BTCS Inc. (BTCS) 05/13/2021 05:50:22 PM
Let's hope .83 was the low. BTCS Inc. (BTCS) 04/20/2021 07:54:54 PM
Hello Georgie18, Bought some at $1.18 and more BTCS Inc. (BTCS) 04/15/2021 08:05:10 PM
Absolutely! I added more today too. GLTA! Goff Corp. (GOFF) 03/22/2021 06:53:15 PM
Big Move on Friday. Any news coming out? Earth Search Sciences Inc. (ESSE) 03/14/2021 06:48:40 PM
Looks like they came back today!!! Earth Search Sciences Inc. (ESSE) 03/12/2021 04:31:57 PM
UGH!!! Earth Search Sciences Inc. (ESSE) 02/26/2021 08:15:18 PM
Thank You RaTrade!!! Goff Corp. (GOFF) 02/26/2021 08:12:32 PM
Healthy pull back today. Goff Corp. (GOFF) 02/25/2021 05:06:27 PM
Any thoughts on ESSE Whittenhalljr? I was hoping Earth Search Sciences Inc. (ESSE) 02/25/2021 04:59:49 PM
Yep. Bought some more at .02!!! GLTA. Goff Corp. (GOFF) 02/17/2021 05:11:27 PM
Sounds good Whitten!!! I'm loaded and ready to sell. Earth Search Sciences Inc. (ESSE) 02/15/2021 05:29:43 PM
Agreed!!!! Should be interesting going forward. Been in Earth Search Sciences Inc. (ESSE) 02/13/2021 01:14:59 PM
I'm not sure why ESSE is going higher? Earth Search Sciences Inc. (ESSE) 02/12/2021 05:34:29 PM
Estrella, What's the word on ESSE? I've held Earth Search Sciences Inc. (ESSE) 02/08/2021 05:36:55 PM
Volume picking up and heading higher. Earth Search Sciences Inc. (ESSE) 01/27/2021 12:23:47 PM
Going Much Higher. 100 Percent BUY!!! Goff Corp. (GOFF) 01/27/2021 12:19:14 PM
No problem Georgie18. Continued success to you for BTCS Inc. (BTCS) 01/13/2021 06:21:26 PM
Hello Georgie18, You called it very well. Congrats! BTCS Inc. (BTCS) 01/08/2021 06:40:47 PM
Thank You to the person who bought 5000k Goff Corp. (GOFF) 11/20/2020 04:44:11 PM
Slowly creeping up. Only a matter of time. Goff Corp. (GOFF) 11/05/2020 06:20:29 PM
10...9...8...7...6....... Goff Corp. (GOFF) 09/17/2020 05:37:21 PM
This is what GOFF will look like in Goff Corp. (GOFF) 09/15/2020 06:36:18 PM
Good job! Goff Corp. (GOFF) 09/09/2020 05:56:47 PM
If my calculations are correct, Goff Corp. (GOFF) 09/08/2020 06:32:11 PM
https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/GOFF/opinion 96 % BUY!!! Goff Corp. (GOFF) 08/28/2020 05:30:58 PM
Hello L2 Hunter, Nice call on JADA. Congrats. Goff Corp. (GOFF) 08/03/2020 06:37:21 PM
I feel really good about GOFF. Once the Goff Corp. (GOFF) 07/28/2020 06:40:45 PM
Thanks G 18. Always appreciate your input. Blaze. BTCS Inc. (BTCS) 07/13/2020 05:48:37 PM
Hey G18, just wondering what your charts BTCS Inc. (BTCS) 07/12/2020 07:49:59 PM
Got lucky today, grabbed 200k at .003. Can't Goff Corp. (GOFF) 07/09/2020 07:54:54 PM
Me too ANT. Got some @.0032, @.0034 and Goff Corp. (GOFF) 07/06/2020 05:21:28 PM
https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/BTCS/opinion Long Term Indicators 100% BTCS Inc. (BTCS) 06/29/2020 07:01:06 PM
https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/GOFF/opinion Strong Buy Signal from Ba Goff Corp. (GOFF) 06/29/2020 05:55:45 PM
12 Hunter, This looks like your next "Hall Goff Corp. (GOFF) 06/25/2020 07:37:52 PM
Thanks tymerz. Goff Corp. (GOFF) 06/24/2020 06:42:38 PM

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