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Posts by KING TBoardDate/Time
Please share lol GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 03/20/2018 11:48:39 AM
Pure scam Petrone Worldwide Inc. (PFWIQ) 01/29/2018 08:25:57 PM
Both should be in prison GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 01/28/2018 10:06:40 PM
Pure dilution. This is a scam ! Ask Petrone Worldwide Inc. (PFWIQ) 10/31/2017 02:59:40 PM
Scam 100%. Lorraine Yardes name SCREAMS scam Petrone Worldwide Inc. (PFWIQ) 10/30/2017 02:21:08 PM
Lorraine Yarde is a con artist. Buyers beware Petrone Worldwide Inc. (PFWIQ) 10/30/2017 11:36:32 AM
He can write a book on scam companies GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 06/16/2017 03:07:48 PM
Mark has his finger stuck in his butt GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 05/25/2017 10:31:39 PM
Where's our friend stockmedic? He use to type GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 05/22/2017 01:17:12 PM
10k is pretty late lol GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 05/08/2017 02:11:11 PM
It's a wrap after that GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 01/13/2017 03:58:59 PM
Management will blame the board for pps failure GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 11/23/2016 04:04:36 PM
They say they gonna take loans to pay GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 11/23/2016 02:30:50 PM
Lol GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 11/22/2016 03:06:41 PM
Simply amazing how it's legal to rob shareholders GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 11/21/2016 07:25:54 PM
Lol GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 11/21/2016 02:18:10 PM
Medical security company gets server hacked? Shoulda GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 11/03/2016 09:57:16 AM
Same here. Let's see how the 3Q looks GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/13/2016 08:56:11 PM
Patience bud. Wait for the 3Q GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/13/2016 06:59:47 PM
After .07 is .19 lol GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/11/2016 09:36:09 AM
Million dollar question... where are the toxics now ? GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/10/2016 06:50:15 PM
Any sells? GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/10/2016 02:25:41 PM
No selling either is there ? GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/10/2016 02:03:39 PM
The facts will come soon enough. Just wait GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/10/2016 01:57:28 PM
Obviously we changed TA for a reason. Why GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/10/2016 01:52:01 PM
You guys will all be proven wrong.. just GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/10/2016 01:49:33 PM
What makes u think we have no TA currently? GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/10/2016 01:39:02 PM
Just take a look at the past 3-4 GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/10/2016 01:28:58 PM
Float is locked very tight. Some flippers here GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/10/2016 01:22:38 PM
I don't think there are 2mil short positions GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/10/2016 01:05:27 PM
So you claim toxics are on the ask GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/10/2016 10:03:35 AM
Please explain where toxics have gone lately. Thanks GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/07/2016 10:31:26 AM
That's right bigcutttttt. Let's ride this uppppp!!! No GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/05/2016 08:53:22 PM
Love the constant sarcasm lol. Notice no GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/03/2016 10:08:03 AM
Stock is so thin.Couple slaps and no dilution, GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/03/2016 09:21:36 AM
No toxics care about any shareholder. They don't GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/02/2016 09:37:38 PM
10k filing announced it. Would need a filing GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/02/2016 08:01:56 PM
It's still intact. Nothing was terminated or we GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/02/2016 07:54:38 PM
FACT- there has been no toxics now for GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/02/2016 03:00:41 PM
Watch the rebound coming ;) ;) GeneSYS ID Inc. (GNID) 10/01/2016 09:16:15 PM