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EastAfricaOil  oil and gas consultant in new frontiers currently based in Eased in East Africa

Posts by EastAfricaOilBoardDate/Time
Amosing 7 Well Successful As Exploration and Appraisal Tullow Oil UK (TUWOY) 11/08/2017 04:19:39 AM
The Amosing 7 appraisal well has encountered 25 Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 11/08/2017 04:17:28 AM
Aminex: Kiliwani North-1 production drops below 1 mmcf AMINEX PLC (AEXFF) 11/06/2017 12:15:27 PM
Simba Essel To Carry Out Additional Seismic In Simba Essel Energy Inc. (SMBZF) 11/04/2017 09:13:00 AM
Kenya Joint Venture Partners Sign the Joint Development Tullow Oil UK (TUWOY) 10/24/2017 01:07:15 PM
Kenya Joint Venture Partners Sign the Joint Development Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 10/24/2017 01:04:27 PM
Tanzania Upstream Sector Activity Outlook 2017-2018 (Synopsis ) http://www.oilne AMINEX PLC (AEXFF) 10/18/2017 12:03:43 PM
New development: CEPSA Withdraws From Kenya’s Block 11A http://www.oilnewskenya. ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) 10/11/2017 06:40:49 AM
Aminex to Select New 3D Seismic Contractor For AMINEX PLC (AEXFF) 10/03/2017 11:44:50 AM
INTERESTING: Tarach 1 Well Now classified as Dry http://bit.ly/2nssoOi ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) 03/27/2017 09:40:34 AM
Sometimes they get it wrong true. In the ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) 03/16/2017 04:28:29 AM
Tullow Oil To Drill An Additional Four Wells Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 03/14/2017 03:20:12 PM
Ntorya 2 Results Meet The Requirements For A AMINEX PLC (AEXFF) 03/09/2017 05:53:16 AM
Africa Oil Exits Kenya’s Block 12A http://bit.ly/2mwMy9N Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 03/07/2017 08:00:13 AM
Tullow Oil Erut well in Kenya’s Block 13T Tullow Oil UK (TUWOY) 12/09/2016 05:53:52 AM
Tata Petrodyne Farm-in behind Swala, Otto Energy dispute Swala Energy (ASX:SWE) 11/23/2016 02:16:46 PM
Tullow Oil JV Partners Approve FID for the Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 10/06/2016 04:06:26 PM
Just wondering why CEPSA is considering new seismic ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) 09/01/2016 01:53:32 PM
CEPSA, ERHC Hit Dry Well at Kenya’s Block ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) 09/01/2016 09:23:35 AM
Uganda Issues 8 production licences to Tullow and Total SA (TOT) 08/30/2016 06:57:57 AM
Uganda Issues 8 production licences to Tullow Oil Tullow Oil UK (TUWOY) 08/30/2016 06:55:55 AM
Exploration in Kenya’s Block 2A Paralyzed After Row Simba Essel Energy Inc. (SMBZF) 08/29/2016 06:52:59 AM
Essel, Simba to Acquire New Rig to Drill Simba Essel Energy Inc. (SMBZF) 08/25/2016 07:59:54 AM
Kenya will start oil production in March 2017 http://www.oilnewskenya.com/kenya- Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 08/24/2016 05:59:39 PM
Tarach-1 well in Kenya’s Block 1AB cost CEPSA, ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) 08/24/2016 05:03:27 PM
Tullow Oil Receives 3 Year License Extension in Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 07/27/2016 05:31:42 AM
Tullow Oil, Partners Commence FTG Surveys Over Kenya’s Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 07/27/2016 05:29:46 AM
Kenya’s Early Oil Project FID Could Be Out Africa Oil Corp (AOIFF) 07/25/2016 06:33:42 AM
Yes no oil encountered, no second well as ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) 07/23/2016 05:52:03 AM
Oil & gas consultant ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) 07/23/2016 05:50:07 AM
From where I seat in Nairobi the rumors ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) 07/22/2016 03:26:34 PM
Its 99 days since Tarach-1 well spud ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) 07/21/2016 07:24:08 PM
Will request OilNews Kenya Editor for an update ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) 07/18/2016 06:31:40 PM
Simba Energy to drill well in Kenya’s Block Simba Essel Energy Inc. (SMBZF) 07/18/2016 06:29:20 PM
I just emailed and asked the editor when ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) 07/13/2016 04:37:56 AM
the email is on the page cant blame ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) 07/12/2016 01:31:20 PM
Its the only oil and gas news website ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) 07/12/2016 01:27:55 PM
This pictures were taken almost a month ago ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) 07/12/2016 10:22:31 AM
Demobilization of SMP Rig at Tarach-1 well https://www.instagram.com/p/BHw22iXB ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) 07/12/2016 10:06:57 AM

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