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Just jumped in with starter position. MC Endeavors (MSMY) 06/02/2020 12:01:08 PM
Maybe Buzzy will issue them from prison. V Group Inc. (VGID) 09/30/2019 02:14:48 PM
His office is his ice cream truck. V Group Inc. (VGID) 08/14/2019 01:35:36 PM
Will never happen my friend because there’s no V Group Inc. (VGID) 08/01/2019 10:15:47 PM
Beautiful work Buzzy! What a loser! V Group Inc. (VGID) 08/01/2019 10:13:00 PM
Buzzy, are you proud of your pathetic .0002 V Group Inc. (VGID) 07/25/2019 06:40:32 PM
We should see his ass on American Greed V Group Inc. (VGID) 07/24/2019 01:05:26 PM
It's all a scam folks. Let's all learn V Group Inc. (VGID) 07/24/2019 12:53:00 PM
I hope the POS rots in prison! V Group Inc. (VGID) 07/19/2019 01:18:48 AM
Buzzy, I would quit while you’re ahead before V Group Inc. (VGID) 07/19/2019 01:15:26 AM
I live in CA. We need to all V Group Inc. (VGID) 07/19/2019 01:13:05 AM
Buzzy is a scam artist. He holds his V Group Inc. (VGID) 07/16/2019 06:23:52 PM
When, in 2059? V Group Inc. (VGID) 07/12/2019 05:44:08 PM
I think the current stock price says it V Group Inc. (VGID) 06/29/2019 10:40:43 PM
On the Q report under fixed assets, I V Group Inc. (VGID) 06/25/2019 11:59:58 AM
So what you’re saying is the ice cream V Group Inc. (VGID) 06/24/2019 09:30:43 PM
It’s because there’s no product and manufactured financials. V Group Inc. (VGID) 06/24/2019 07:47:16 PM
Why is LOFB not current Mickey? Are you V Group Inc. (VGID) 06/24/2019 12:19:13 AM
Even if you do get spin-off shares, they V Group Inc. (VGID) 06/24/2019 12:08:45 AM
Have you looked at the share price lately? V Group Inc. (VGID) 06/24/2019 12:03:42 AM
The best way to keep feeding the man V Group Inc. (VGID) 06/16/2019 01:48:53 AM
He’s a big of a liar as Buzzy. V Group Inc. (VGID) 06/16/2019 01:43:22 AM
Buzzy is no CEO. He’s lying POS that V Group Inc. (VGID) 06/16/2019 01:41:19 AM
Are you kidding!!!! This POS has never looked V Group Inc. (VGID) 06/11/2019 11:35:58 PM
Buzzy is a scum bag! Call it as V Group Inc. (VGID) 06/11/2019 11:31:23 PM
Looks like you were wrong. You should only V Group Inc. (VGID) 06/07/2019 01:45:17 PM
This is fools gold Jack! V Group Inc. (VGID) 05/29/2019 11:36:09 PM
That is what happens when you have a V Group Inc. (VGID) 05/29/2019 11:34:33 PM
Yup, we're slowly bleeding to death here. Demand Brands Inc. (DMAN) 05/10/2019 03:11:52 PM
The problem we have is looking at the V Group Inc. (VGID) 05/10/2019 02:40:16 PM
We need a PR in the worst way. Demand Brands Inc. (DMAN) 05/10/2019 02:33:11 PM
When, in three years! V Group Inc. (VGID) 05/01/2019 06:41:37 PM
Yup, every time! This is what happens when V Group Inc. (VGID) 05/01/2019 04:04:24 PM
We can't even run out of trips! V Group Inc. (VGID) 04/05/2019 02:16:02 PM
Why are we sitting in trips? V Group Inc. (VGID) 04/05/2019 11:46:25 AM
LOFB does come up on Etrade. V Group Inc. (VGID) 04/04/2019 01:11:09 PM
He's all over the place but my guess Fernhill Beverage Inc. (FHBC) 03/28/2019 02:19:34 PM
Remember the Mexico distribution deal? How's that going? Fernhill Beverage Inc. (FHBC) 03/28/2019 01:54:08 PM
Look, I own a lot of shares and Demand Brands Inc. (DMAN) 03/27/2019 12:54:12 PM
Active board here today. How many of you V Group Inc. (VGID) 03/26/2019 01:46:02 PM

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