Perceptiveopportunistic attitude to stock trading

Perceptive opportunistic attitude to stock trading

Posts by Perceptive Board Date/Time Metro One Telecommunications Inc. 06/20/2016 01:43:51 PM
Look back at some of the old post. Metro One Telecommunications Inc. 06/20/2016 01:38:22 PM
This stock will run big. When cutler takes Coeptis Therapeutics Inc. 12/07/2015 09:12:09 AM
Do you realize that David cutler is taking Coeptis Therapeutics Inc. 11/25/2015 10:14:30 AM
Do you own a lot of shares? Coeptis Therapeutics Inc. 11/24/2015 11:55:39 AM
Thanks I wonder why they never sent me Coeptis Therapeutics Inc. 11/24/2015 11:14:17 AM
Can you please send the other side of Coeptis Therapeutics Inc. 11/24/2015 10:54:46 AM
Wow! Looks cheap. Maison Luxe Inc. 10/09/2015 11:36:59 AM
New director in February.... Name changes in August... MedX Holdings Inc. 08/13/2015 03:45:40 PM
NAME CHANGE!!!!!!! MedX Holdings Inc. 08/12/2015 03:09:37 PM
Merger is here finally!!!!! Metro One Telecommunications Inc. 07/14/2015 12:04:04 PM
FINALLY!!!! We have an update! ViaDerma Inc. 06/30/2015 12:25:23 PM
Lots of loading today! We may be close Coeptis Therapeutics Inc. 06/17/2015 12:28:11 PM
It seems like lots of guys flipping for ViaDerma Inc. 06/09/2015 02:12:31 PM
New CEO new company no longer a shell Reno Gold Corporation 06/09/2015 09:55:56 AM
When news hits we will really see this ViaDerma Inc. 06/09/2015 09:53:49 AM
VDRM on it way up no question about it. ViaDerma Inc. 06/08/2015 01:37:01 PM
It looks like we are going into shakeout ViaDerma Inc. 06/05/2015 12:09:26 PM
52 week high was .50 cents ViaDerma Inc. 06/05/2015 11:58:56 AM
Agreed. A few hundred k and we are ViaDerma Inc. 06/05/2015 11:57:05 AM
It looks like most of the week hands ViaDerma Inc. 06/05/2015 11:48:18 AM
VDRM 005x007 ViaDerma Inc. 06/05/2015 11:42:47 AM
Nice buys today ViaDerma Inc. 06/05/2015 11:30:39 AM
Over 3000$ bid! ViaDerma Inc. 06/05/2015 11:00:14 AM
Very strong bid support here ViaDerma Inc. 06/05/2015 10:57:47 AM
Looks like a hidden bid at 0041 ViaDerma Inc. 06/05/2015 10:43:25 AM
It Seems like no one is selling to ViaDerma Inc. 06/05/2015 10:30:23 AM
We are in breakout mode! ViaDerma Inc. 06/04/2015 03:37:06 PM
Wow! ViaDerma Inc. 06/04/2015 03:34:45 PM
We are. Number 2 on breakout boards now! ViaDerma Inc. 06/04/2015 03:22:52 PM
We are #3 on break out boards ViaDerma Inc. 06/04/2015 03:21:45 PM
Nice bid support here ViaDerma Inc. 06/04/2015 03:20:21 PM
Imagine what happens when VDRM updates...... ViaDerma Inc. 06/04/2015 02:38:36 PM
This will never trade again. Anyone around OTC Riviera Tool Company 06/03/2015 11:11:43 PM
Most share holders are from before reverse merger. ViaDerma Inc. 06/03/2015 11:07:18 PM
I personally spoke to CEO he said update ViaDerma Inc. 06/03/2015 10:43:18 PM
Sleeping monster is waking up! ViaDerma Inc. 06/02/2015 03:39:43 PM
Wisebuys: it seems like your always a step ViaDerma Inc. 06/02/2015 03:22:18 PM
Wisbuys nice DD!! I called CEO and ViaDerma Inc. 06/02/2015 03:20:53 PM
I'm waiting! ViaDerma Inc. 06/02/2015 03:02:37 PM