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Posts by xginBoardDate/Time
New Kind of Network (NKNUSD) 04/13/2021 06:13:50 PM
I only had $80 more I could throw New Kind of Network (NKNUSD) 04/13/2021 09:28:03 AM
Maybe about to see some action? investorshub.advfn.com/uimage/uploads/202 New Kind of Network (NKNUSD) 04/12/2021 04:05:50 PM
I was thinking along those same lines. All New Kind of Network (NKNUSD) 04/12/2021 07:10:12 AM
Looks like you nailed it. I got out New Kind of Network (NKNUSD) 04/12/2021 07:00:00 AM
Thinking the same. Glad I didn't buy at $1.62. New Kind of Network (NKNUSD) 04/10/2021 08:57:19 AM
I see the the 3 new coins (OGN,ENJ,NKN) New Kind of Network (NKNUSD) 04/10/2021 08:37:06 AM
Bought on Coinbase Pro about $2200.@$1.15. Looked at New Kind of Network (NKNUSD) 04/10/2021 02:22:23 AM
Posted this on Twitter.· Integrated Ventures Inc. (INTV) 04/08/2021 11:20:10 AM
Sure glad I read this article the other FileCoin (FILUSD) 04/06/2021 10:24:01 PM
I was just noticed that a class action FSD Pharma Inc. (HUGE) 04/06/2021 06:32:39 PM
Posted on the StockTwits board. https://stocktwits.com/symbol/FIL.X FileCoin (FILUSD) 04/03/2021 08:32:15 AM
Thanks HMB2010 for all your hard work and FileCoin (FILUSD) 04/03/2021 07:52:20 AM
Samr here, but I need Bitcoin to go Ankr Network (ANKRUSD) 03/28/2021 10:27:54 PM
Integrated Ventures, Inc Ankr Network (ANKRUSD) 03/28/2021 11:33:18 AM
Got out mostly at $.1951. May get back Ankr Network (ANKRUSD) 03/28/2021 08:53:12 AM
Watch and look at the chart of bitcoin Integrated Ventures Inc. (INTV) 03/27/2021 07:24:20 PM
Nice seeing it break $.19. I'm too afraid, Ankr Network (ANKRUSD) 03/27/2021 07:17:29 PM
Got in @$.1362, but only have about 6k Ankr Network (ANKRUSD) 03/27/2021 09:28:41 AM
I was wondering what happen to it. Thanks Puppman. Xcelplus International, Inc. (XLPI) 03/26/2021 11:07:45 PM
May be old news as it's dated 03/17, Integrated Ventures Inc. (INTV) 03/25/2021 06:01:53 PM
Pippman, I read that Smith is no longer Xcelplus International, Inc. (XLPI) 03/19/2021 05:46:25 PM
The new rule along with some everyperson explanation. Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 03/18/2021 06:10:57 PM
I think Frank added a couple of videos Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 03/17/2021 08:44:41 AM
investorshub.advfn.com/uimage/uploads/2021/3/16/wuvpvEwnmPPWVEAQT-GV.png[ Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 03/16/2021 01:50:20 PM
Hope this guy goes to jail. https://www.sec.gov/news/press-release/2021-46?utm_m Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 03/15/2021 06:10:33 PM
Not sure I totally trust him, but I'll Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 03/15/2021 05:49:02 PM
https://twitter.com/OTCSANP Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 03/15/2021 02:07:02 PM
Good video https://youtu.be/6G4T9AaQfbs It's on Santo's Twitter feed. Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 03/14/2021 02:35:39 PM
Not exactly SANP related, but could be. Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 03/14/2021 01:34:23 AM
SANTO BLOCKCHAIN LABS https://twitter.com/OTCSANP Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 03/14/2021 12:52:01 AM
Depends on how many naked shorts don't show Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 03/14/2021 12:46:15 AM
Short Interest (Current Shares Short) Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 03/14/2021 12:33:41 AM
Sure, ya betcha. https://shortsqueeze.com/?symbol=sanp&submit=Short+Quote%E2%84%A2 Short Interes Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 03/14/2021 12:25:11 AM
That's why I included the definition. Anything from Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 03/13/2021 06:42:47 PM
https://www.otcshortreport.com/company/SANP 61% short volume! Could we order up Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 03/13/2021 03:52:26 PM
Someone can tell me I'm wrong, and if Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 03/13/2021 03:37:28 PM
investorshub.advfn.com/uimage/uploads/2021/3/12/euefeEwTFgLrVoAAvOsu.png[ Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 03/12/2021 03:14:25 PM
Same for me. I wish I could of Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 03/11/2021 05:39:28 PM
https://www.cnet.com/personal-finance/stimulus-checks-arrive-this-weekend-when-w Santo Mining Corp. (SANP) 03/11/2021 03:49:27 PM

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