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Posts by theStockGAMEoOoBoardDate/Time
Highest continuous volume in years. Group quietly preloading InternetArray, Inc (INAR) 12/04/2020 02:51:59 PM
Here with you my friend... Trip runners are InternetArray, Inc (INAR) 11/30/2020 09:29:07 PM
Dormant trips are hott... Ticktock ticktock InternetArray, Inc (INAR) 11/30/2020 09:07:33 PM
$INAR Hit 63M, largest volume in years 11/25. Triple 000 and Sub-penny Chart Plays 11/29/2020 10:49:32 PM
50M!!! Something is up. InternetArray, Inc (INAR) 11/25/2020 09:50:07 AM
All these garbage trips running to 00's. When InternetArray, Inc (INAR) 11/18/2020 01:16:13 PM
8's hit NCDP--Nicodrops (NCDP) 10/19/2020 02:56:03 PM
AXXA Pink Current. Yield sign removed! Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 09/10/2020 02:46:19 AM
Hungry hungry hippo. Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 09/08/2020 09:02:05 PM
Added .026's GL AXXA Exxe Group Inc. (AXXA) 09/04/2020 03:02:40 PM
Someone eating up the 5's last 2 days NCDP--Nicodrops (NCDP) 07/07/2020 02:35:08 PM
Let's get some Lazar or Cutler attention here. InternetArray, Inc (INAR) 07/02/2020 12:18:38 PM
Tik tok... Alexandria Advantage Warranty Co. (AAWC) 06/14/2020 09:00:27 PM
Boom 6's hit. Quiet here.. NCDP--Nicodrops (NCDP) 05/29/2020 03:43:27 PM
We closed at 5 because no one would NCDP--Nicodrops (NCDP) 05/11/2020 08:59:22 PM
Nice morning movement here! NCDP--Nicodrops (NCDP) 05/11/2020 10:07:06 AM
Was able to load 0014, 001, 0009, 0008's NCDP--Nicodrops (NCDP) 05/07/2020 10:25:46 PM
Added a chunk here today. We'll see what NCDP--Nicodrops (NCDP) 05/06/2020 02:20:57 PM
What is this? Goshencoin (GXPUSD) 03/07/2020 12:46:06 AM
.095s tapped! .10 break coming again IMO! Hero Technologies Inc. (HENC) 03/03/2020 10:16:53 AM
12 trading days and counting. Looking forward to Aleafia Health Inc. (ALEAF) 03/01/2020 02:48:59 PM
1st time running through world scare pullbacks? Hero Technologies Inc. (HENC) 02/24/2020 10:31:43 PM
Big boys turn to play :) Hero Technologies Inc. (HENC) 02/20/2020 03:32:37 PM
Rebound North soon here! Nice lower volume consolidation Hero Technologies Inc. (HENC) 02/20/2020 10:34:23 AM
Hello, welcome to the OTC. I'm simply posting Pennexx Foods, Inc. (PNNX) 02/13/2020 10:35:18 PM
Congrats on a nice recovery day today everyone. Pennexx Foods, Inc. (PNNX) 02/13/2020 08:43:43 PM
Thanks for the .014's! Livechain Inc. (LICH) 02/13/2020 04:03:01 PM
NITE with 46K @ .0145... Ok fine. ;) Livechain Inc. (LICH) 02/13/2020 03:56:50 PM
You can't. All speculation IMO. Low floaters emerging Novint Technologies Inc. (NVNT) 02/13/2020 03:37:27 PM
Great day today! Congrats here team!! Hero Technologies Inc. (HENC) 02/12/2020 04:08:45 PM
HENC L2! Hero Technologies Inc. (HENC) 02/12/2020 10:33:00 AM
Crushing through new 52W highs! Hero Technologies Inc. (HENC) 02/12/2020 10:22:02 AM
Nice churning here mid 09's. Next break into Hero Technologies Inc. (HENC) 02/12/2020 09:53:49 AM
Good support @ 02. Beautiful SS here, hit FlashZero Corp. (FZRO) 02/12/2020 09:50:51 AM
New 52W high just hit! Fireworks starting... FlashZero Corp. (FZRO) 02/10/2020 10:58:41 AM
Jumped in here, looking strong and moving on air. FlashZero Corp. (FZRO) 02/10/2020 10:38:50 AM
L2 flipping here. Looking strong for .1 break Hero Technologies Inc. (HENC) 02/10/2020 10:36:56 AM
Was just in another runner that ran from Hero Technologies Inc. (HENC) 02/08/2020 12:53:09 AM
L2 battle here has been exciting all day! Hero Technologies Inc. (HENC) 02/07/2020 03:42:07 PM
Nice early buying, ask just got crushed. Let's Hero Technologies Inc. (HENC) 02/07/2020 09:52:51 AM

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