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Posts by trader85BoardDate/Time
I just bought in. I think the party ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 02/27/2019 09:49:35 AM
Some 1 knows something. Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 02/15/2019 08:36:31 AM
Volume Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/28/2019 09:40:56 AM
O% valume with news hmmm Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/28/2019 09:38:56 AM
Or actually, what's most factual is that we Adomani (ADOM) 01/19/2019 11:30:31 PM
Sky was fake news! Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/19/2019 11:18:16 PM
Good Lord my penny watch list looks like Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/16/2019 03:57:14 PM
Between my uncertain amount of time I'll be Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/16/2019 12:44:20 PM
It will shoot up on some BS fluff Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/16/2019 12:42:23 PM
Man this one is already a loss for Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/16/2019 12:39:49 PM
Skye is over no more money is to Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/16/2019 12:01:54 PM
$0.028 my sale order is in at $0.2650 Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/15/2019 10:47:53 AM
Please make sure their puffs Microbot Medical, Inc. (MBOT) 01/15/2019 10:46:36 AM
You wouldn't dare Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/15/2019 10:44:12 AM
$0.2650 though I doubt it'll ever get back Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/15/2019 10:40:35 AM
Good gaming will never take the place of Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/15/2019 10:37:14 AM
Adam dahlberg is Skye does Minecraft... He no Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/15/2019 10:34:12 AM
No one on mainstream media/news is even talking NXT-ID (NXTD) 01/15/2019 08:58:18 AM
Nightmares to remember Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/15/2019 08:40:01 AM
It's all about the Bott line IE how Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/14/2019 09:18:20 AM
Penny stock company's care no more for share Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/14/2019 09:15:49 AM
Very true! All of my long positions are Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/14/2019 09:14:15 AM
We'll see how good it is in about MedX Holdings Inc. (MEDH) 01/14/2019 09:05:05 AM
I've been trading stocks since 2008 I'm 34 Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/14/2019 09:00:27 AM
Virtual napkins delivered. Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/14/2019 08:57:16 AM
This is my advice on a penny stock Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/14/2019 08:53:01 AM
All penny stock are shit and run on Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/14/2019 08:49:21 AM
Trying to get rich quick on worthless penny Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/14/2019 08:46:13 AM
Ah ok.... Set your sale order and walk Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/14/2019 08:45:06 AM
What is ttlol Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/14/2019 08:29:39 AM
Good luck to everyone! Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/14/2019 08:16:47 AM
Lol Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/14/2019 08:16:33 AM
Curious why would we get news today? Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/14/2019 08:12:15 AM
Lmao Phunware Inc. (PHUN) 01/13/2019 08:52:02 PM
No Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc. (DPWW) 01/13/2019 07:30:42 PM
The share price of this company is everything Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc. (DPWW) 01/11/2019 09:24:26 PM
What? What's here? There no shares no price BorrowMoney.com (BWMY) 01/11/2019 05:30:30 PM
Shoulda got in at $16 Phunware Inc. (PHUN) 01/11/2019 06:58:17 AM
Nothing this POS is going nowhere. Don't be Adomani (ADOM) 01/10/2019 06:47:34 PM
Oh yeah for sure! I think it'll be Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/10/2019 04:55:12 PM