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Posts by rokkdatstockBoardDate/Time
What an interesting routine for WINMQs cheapie adders. Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/20/2019 06:38:26 PM
All the claims of people buying are just Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/20/2019 06:23:54 PM
YTD 86% down and bankrupt.... nothing else in Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/18/2019 06:47:42 PM
Desperate hopes and dreams won’t help WINMQs troubles Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/18/2019 06:41:59 PM
When financials come out all of us will Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) 05/18/2019 06:34:02 PM
If if if WINMQs commons survive they’ll be Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/18/2019 02:15:49 PM
Crystal ball WINMQ guessing?? Commons will go away Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/18/2019 01:11:04 PM
All “news” leads to new lows. WINMQ...a disaster Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/18/2019 11:42:00 AM
Out of almost 1 million.shares...900,000...SELLS Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/17/2019 05:23:59 PM
Looks like? WINMQs guessing game continues and the Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/17/2019 01:47:37 PM
No one. It’s a head fake talking point Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) 05/17/2019 01:44:48 PM
10% down and a new bottom. ARYC is Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) 05/17/2019 11:11:29 AM
Wow!!!9:1 sells vs buys. Thanks Zacks lol Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/17/2019 10:44:02 AM
Yesterday’s bottom call was wrong lol ARYC. Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) 05/17/2019 10:41:39 AM
Smells like a stock slide. Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/17/2019 10:39:55 AM
WINMQ commons likely to be canceled. Fantasy posts Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/17/2019 07:42:00 AM
Rejoice!!!! 00.005 UP!!!!!Half a penny after 2 days Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/16/2019 04:14:59 PM
Oh, it means and asserts far more. Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) 05/16/2019 03:20:44 PM
LOL!!....understanding how these work would be a great Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/16/2019 03:19:16 PM
DD noted. DD might be learning what a Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) 05/16/2019 01:36:17 PM
Fine!! ARYC is a black hole except for Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) 05/16/2019 01:35:19 PM
Caveat Emptor is its own statement by ARYC. Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) 05/16/2019 12:43:58 PM
Do that. This Caveat Emptor company needs money Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) 05/16/2019 12:07:22 PM
Let's hear more about the buy rating from Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/16/2019 12:06:22 PM
CEO.comments???The CEO.who.presided.over.this.DELISTED.BANKRUPT.SHARE.PRICE.C Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/16/2019 12:05:19 PM
LOLOL!!!!! Keep buying and believing this CAVEAT EMPTOR Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) 05/16/2019 11:59:55 AM
This Caveat EMPTOR bottom isn't even close. DCBounce ARYC Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) 05/16/2019 11:58:09 AM
Yes raise that bid!!! 9,000 Buy vs 96,000 SELLS Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/16/2019 11:55:45 AM
Read WINMQ's 10q. No other commentary necessary to Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/16/2019 11:51:19 AM
Windstream has devastated its company. They don't need Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/16/2019 11:50:15 AM
Like WINMQ would say "canceling commons soon"?????? WINMQ Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/16/2019 11:45:50 AM
Make that 2,000 buys...89,000 SELLS...So much for the Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/16/2019 11:24:27 AM
2,000 Buys 80,000 SELLS....That question answers itself on Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/16/2019 11:22:53 AM
New term "adding" WINMQ means selling as quickly Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/16/2019 11:10:11 AM
81,000 shares traded..80:1 SELLS...hmmm.that.Zacks."buy"rating? Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/16/2019 10:47:10 AM
Red as usual????hahahahahahhahaha....I'm up 300% in just a Integrated Ventures Inc. (INTV) 05/16/2019 10:38:58 AM
Month old news meaningless today. WINMQ desperation grasping Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/16/2019 01:31:32 AM
With this Zack's buy rating what will tomorrow's Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/15/2019 08:52:45 PM
LOL Fantasy island spinning a miserable HUGE loss Windstream Co. (WINMQ) 05/15/2019 07:39:06 PM
LOL another up day for INTV despite the Integrated Ventures Inc. (INTV) 05/15/2019 07:33:44 PM