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I like that the "comments" are turned off Ayujoy Herbals Ltd. (AJOY) 04/05/2021 12:12:43 AM
Come on potheads, start buying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ayujoy Herbals Ltd. (AJOY) 03/18/2021 01:00:55 PM
I'll buy more if you buy more.....You go first Ayujoy Herbals Ltd. (AJOY) 03/15/2021 03:44:34 PM
You give Clay too much credit. He's nothing Gamestop Corporation (GME) 03/09/2021 01:56:32 AM
Sometimes I get bored So I buy more BIGtoken (FPVD) 02/22/2021 10:44:17 AM
I can't help myself, looks like I'm the BIGtoken (FPVD) 02/22/2021 10:28:23 AM
Here's a good title for this board BIGtoken (FPVD) 02/18/2021 01:32:04 AM
Good buddy, Good Gaming Inc. (GMER) 01/25/2021 01:49:57 AM
2016? What happened? CMG Holdings Group, Inc. (CMGO) 09/16/2020 07:24:10 PM
Where will it get to? Just Energy Group Inc. (JENGQ) 09/03/2020 09:23:44 AM
It never got to 2.24, pothead, it did HEAT BIOLOGICS INC (HTBX) 07/19/2020 11:05:47 PM
Moving smoothly Renavotio Inc. (RIII) 06/12/2020 01:02:51 PM
Call needs to be out of this world Altimmune, Inc (ALT) 05/14/2020 08:41:10 AM
ha ha ha! You won't get back in...you Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. (SHIP) 05/03/2020 05:55:57 AM
On Friday, May 1 the quote Top Ships Inc. (TOPS) 05/03/2020 05:39:32 AM
Building up for the Blast thru .50 Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 04/17/2020 12:30:08 PM
I am going to take profits later, I Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 04/17/2020 10:48:12 AM
Wake up CMG Holdings Group, Inc. (CMGO) 04/17/2020 10:31:04 AM
going to blow Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 04/17/2020 10:27:04 AM
Can it Blow thru this .24-.25 area Taronis Technologies Inc. (TRNX) 04/16/2020 06:34:40 PM
This thing can trade millions without a pulse Zion Oil & Gas Inc. (ZNOG) 04/02/2020 11:15:39 AM
A couple of offerings priced in the .40's Biocept, Inc. (BIOC) 03/26/2020 02:20:18 PM
This pig has so many bagholders it is Biocept, Inc. (BIOC) 03/26/2020 12:52:15 PM
Buyers should be coming back from their lunch MediaG3 (MDGC) 03/26/2020 12:31:57 PM
oh my! profit-taker a little earlier than I MediaG3 (MDGC) 03/26/2020 11:08:53 AM
That is an interesting expectation. Very low actually Aytu BioScience Inc. (AYTU) 03/17/2020 05:01:48 PM
Did you stay in it? Why? I took SPO Global Inc. (SPOM) 03/17/2020 04:58:49 PM
No, I believe it closed at 1.58 look Aytu BioScience Inc. (AYTU) 03/16/2020 09:23:08 PM
What are you talking about, I own more Aytu BioScience Inc. (AYTU) 03/16/2020 09:11:58 PM
That sounds like something a journalist would say, Aytu BioScience Inc. (AYTU) 03/16/2020 08:54:59 PM
Great support right here at .005. It makes CMG Holdings Group, Inc. (CMGO) 03/11/2020 11:59:54 PM
they should do their customary offering, no they'll Altimmune, Inc (ALT) 03/02/2020 03:42:56 PM
I'll feel better after another solid day, I Altimmune, Inc (ALT) 03/01/2020 05:39:48 PM
Yes crazy. What will you say if they Altimmune, Inc (ALT) 03/01/2020 04:34:13 PM
https://investorshub.advfn.com/uimage/uploads/2020/2/29/BRNGRSFGWWQ.png[/im Lianluo Smart Ltd (LLIT) 02/29/2020 08:22:08 PM
So many people who buy this stock don't SPO Global Inc. (SPOM) 02/21/2020 12:35:18 PM
I wonder what is hidden right above the Sustainable Green Team Ltd. (SGTM) 02/21/2020 01:43:08 AM
Huge pump and dump Sustainable Green Team Ltd. (SGTM) 02/21/2020 01:10:10 AM
Should move up now after that methodical shake SPO Global Inc. (SPOM) 02/20/2020 10:53:00 AM
How high will it go, see how it opens Enservco Corp. (ENSV) 02/20/2020 08:43:57 AM

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