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aapples1992  WSB Is For Real

Posts by aapples1992BoardDate/Time
This is only the start, huge upside from Vsblty Groupe Technologies Corp (VSBGF) 04/07/2021 09:13:03 AM
MedTronics is watching every move, $4 will be Titan Medical Inc. (TMDI) 04/07/2021 09:12:05 AM
Maybe some MedTronics news tomorrow or something ?? Titan Medical Inc. (TMDI) 04/06/2021 04:38:10 PM
This is on the ground floor, $$ range Vsblty Groupe Technologies Corp (VSBGF) 03/12/2021 06:20:33 PM
No one on here tells me we are Vsblty Groupe Technologies Corp (VSBGF) 02/23/2021 12:47:56 AM
On December 30, 2020, the Company announced that Titan Medical Inc. (TMDI) 02/22/2021 09:11:39 AM
FDA started...........?? Titan Medical Inc. (TMDI) 02/22/2021 09:05:16 AM
Under $3.00 will be like under $1.00 within Titan Medical Inc. (TMDI) 02/17/2021 02:01:01 PM
Exactly what it is for, writing all on Titan Medical Inc. (TMDI) 02/13/2021 12:14:13 PM
This is only the start, Price Target $6.00! Titan Medical Inc. (TMDI) 02/08/2021 08:13:53 AM
BTW that was before MAZOR had FDA Approval. Titan Medical Inc. (TMDI) 02/05/2021 12:52:41 AM
Remember when Medtronics bought out Mazor Robotics? Titan Medical Inc. (TMDI) 02/05/2021 12:50:45 AM
I think the news today is bullish Titan Medical Inc. (TMDI) 02/02/2021 11:29:07 PM
VSBLTY AND SYNQ PARTNER TO PROVIDE PUBLIC Vsblty Groupe Technologies Corp (VSBGF) 02/01/2021 09:21:02 AM
Open around $19.00! Shorts covering takes us to AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (AMC) 01/31/2021 03:48:12 PM
They want you to panic, Strong hands just AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (AMC) 01/29/2021 02:17:43 PM
did you thing GME was going to $300+ AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (AMC) 01/29/2021 02:09:12 PM
Short it, I dare you.....have fun covering at AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (AMC) 01/29/2021 02:06:42 PM
Picked up more $AMC AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (AMC) 01/29/2021 02:01:51 PM
TMDI with a great day and now After Titan Medical Inc. (TMDI) 01/25/2021 07:00:28 PM
I did post this earlier very interesting Titan Medical Inc. (TMDI) 01/20/2021 06:16:36 PM
standard profit taking after a long, I wouldn't Titan Medical Inc. (TMDI) 01/20/2021 03:54:25 PM
Very Interesting Article...... Titan Medical Inc. (TMDI) 01/20/2021 03:44:14 PM
One word: MEDTRONICS Titan Medical Inc. (TMDI) 01/20/2021 03:40:31 PM
Keep shorting buddy Titan Medical Inc. (TMDI) 01/20/2021 03:38:30 PM
Market Cap tells the tail Titan Medical Inc. (TMDI) 01/20/2021 02:43:50 PM
This has huge upside, also how quiet this Vsblty Groupe Technologies Corp (VSBGF) 01/08/2021 11:59:37 AM
$VSBGF Closing on 52 week High, The word Vsblty Groupe Technologies Corp (VSBGF) 01/07/2021 03:53:09 PM
Great Webinar! Think this is going to $1.00 Vsblty Groupe Technologies Corp (VSBGF) 01/07/2021 03:47:50 PM
Conference tomorrow, expect to see $0.75 by the Vsblty Groupe Technologies Corp (VSBGF) 01/06/2021 03:48:29 PM
$1.00 here soon, current PPS .65 Vsblty Groupe Technologies Corp (VSBGF) 01/06/2021 03:47:58 PM
We are pleased to report that devices are USA Technologies Inc. (USAT) 09/20/2020 08:06:28 PM
The company network is DOWN, check the updates here USA Technologies Inc. (USAT) 09/19/2020 10:30:09 PM
This company is a joke, sell off everything Youngevity International Inc. (YGYI) 09/18/2020 06:56:17 PM
When their customers have no answers on whats USA Technologies Inc. (USAT) 09/18/2020 06:55:15 PM
Card Readers are still down, lots of customers USA Technologies Inc. (USAT) 09/18/2020 06:53:48 PM
Im Long here still, been picking up shares Positron Corporation (POSC) 09/18/2020 06:52:19 PM
ALL CARD READERS ARE DOWN, PREPARE FOR A USA Technologies Inc. (USAT) 09/18/2020 08:14:10 AM
Picked up a lot of shares today, this Youngevity International Inc. (YGYI) 01/29/2020 12:20:35 AM
It won't go much lower then $5.50 Youngevity International Inc. (YGYI) 03/13/2019 10:13:21 PM

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