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rodgraniteMovin' on up!

rodgranite Movin' on up!

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Yep They are chasing the price down. I note 1st Food Group 03/30/2021 12:41:08 PM
One irritating thing has been Elys Game Technology Corp 03/30/2021 10:34:20 AM
Sure does! 1st Food Group 03/29/2021 06:02:58 PM
Me too Elys Game Technology Corp 03/29/2021 10:44:43 AM
Bid up to .3....looking solid 1st Food Group 03/29/2021 10:42:03 AM
I also took note of the fact that 1st Food Group 03/28/2021 01:47:18 AM
10k @.21 1st Food Group 03/26/2021 03:45:06 PM
Great news...measurable progress! 1st Food Group 03/26/2021 12:47:15 PM
We finally hit .32 1st Food Group 03/26/2021 11:58:21 AM
Yep The possibilities for these stocks is endless. Just 1st Food Group 03/23/2021 06:54:34 PM
I got 120 and 240. 1st Food Group 03/23/2021 04:10:11 PM
I'm checked in and rearing to go. Hopefully Elys Game Technology Corp 03/23/2021 04:19:45 AM
Chipping away at those 31 cent shares. 1st Food Group 03/22/2021 03:36:48 PM
You will like it 1st Food Group 03/19/2021 06:28:46 PM
Great volume 1st Food Group 03/19/2021 02:46:05 PM
I hate to see 1st Food Group 03/19/2021 02:09:33 PM
Nice synopsis 1st Food Group 03/19/2021 11:22:19 AM
Somebody will drop a big order soon 1st Food Group 03/19/2021 03:21:22 AM
Oh....OK tx Elys Game Technology Corp 03/18/2021 01:18:28 PM
I was looking Elys Game Technology Corp 03/18/2021 03:27:27 AM
I think so 1st Food Group 03/17/2021 10:40:05 PM
I figured as much Elys Game Technology Corp 03/17/2021 09:56:05 PM
It seems that Handle 19 is delayed Elys Game Technology Corp 03/17/2021 11:22:42 AM
Volume is picking up slowly 1st Food Group 03/17/2021 11:20:05 AM
Looks good 1st Food Group 03/16/2021 12:40:12 PM
This is very exciting Elys Game Technology Corp 03/14/2021 01:24:03 AM
Thanks for that Elys Game Technology Corp 03/12/2021 11:59:16 AM
Good question Elys Game Technology Corp 03/11/2021 05:08:01 PM
Looks like price moving 1st Food Group 03/11/2021 05:04:38 PM
Great analysis 1st Food Group 03/10/2021 01:35:58 PM
Our day is coming soon Elys Game Technology Corp 03/10/2021 01:31:02 PM
The bottom line is Elys Game Technology Corp 03/07/2021 01:54:44 AM
I was too 1st Food Group 03/07/2021 01:49:54 AM
Rough week Elys Game Technology Corp 03/05/2021 05:25:52 PM
Finally This is 2 in a week! This is 1st Food Group 03/05/2021 08:50:25 AM
Next filing released....May 15th. Stay tuned. 1st Food Group 03/04/2021 07:36:39 PM
The deal with the women's CBD site 1st Food Group 03/03/2021 02:08:14 PM
Huh? This stock is so thinly traded that selling 1st Food Group 03/03/2021 02:15:26 AM
This tells me we have big plans in Canada. Elys Game Technology Corp 03/02/2021 06:54:56 PM
Fantastic! We are finally getting out there and getting 1st Food Group 03/02/2021 06:50:43 PM