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GMZP... great day, closed at .0005 .0001 to .0009 PICKS ONLY 06/01/2020 04:02:34 PM
Make back TLSS loss with GMZP OCMILLIONAIRE'S Stock Picks- WEEEEEEEEEEEEE 06/01/2020 04:02:09 PM
5/6 now... on only 1.5 mil shares. There GEMZ Corp. (GMZP) 06/01/2020 04:01:51 PM
Well shit OCMILLIONAIRE'S Stock Picks- WEEEEEEEEEEEEE 06/01/2020 11:30:33 AM
It was a lie the whole time Transportation and Logistics Systems Inc. (TLSS) 06/01/2020 11:26:53 AM
GMZP! Load under .001 .0001 to .0009 PICKS ONLY 06/01/2020 11:11:56 AM
GMZP, telling y’all something is up here!! $treet Trader Lion's Den 06/01/2020 11:11:40 AM
Yep...getting close to merger? GEMZ Corp. (GMZP) 05/29/2020 01:20:31 PM
GMZP boys, nice vol on merger rumor. $treet Trader Lion's Den 05/29/2020 12:37:20 PM
GMZP volume alert! Merger coming!! .0001 to .0009 PICKS ONLY 05/29/2020 11:45:34 AM
Serious volume folks! GEMZ Corp. (GMZP) 05/29/2020 11:45:03 AM
Is this filly going to run the race?? Arcis Resources Corporation (ARCS) 05/29/2020 10:26:16 AM
WOWZA! OC does it again! TLSS and NTRR! OCMILLIONAIRE'S Stock Picks- WEEEEEEEEEEEEE 05/28/2020 02:16:56 PM
“CEO”, laughable Arcis Resources Corporation (ARCS) 05/28/2020 02:15:19 PM
This filth can’t get above .001 Arcis Resources Corporation (ARCS) 05/28/2020 01:00:31 PM
NTRR: OC does it AGAIN! Bought 2 MILLION OCMILLIONAIRE'S Stock Picks- WEEEEEEEEEEEEE 05/28/2020 10:18:13 AM
GMZP, merger and volume alert $treet Trader Lion's Den 05/28/2020 07:59:28 AM
TLSS - I won’t sell a single share OCMILLIONAIRE'S Stock Picks- WEEEEEEEEEEEEE 05/28/2020 07:58:35 AM
Merger is coming and insiders are loading the boat GEMZ Corp. (GMZP) 05/27/2020 01:22:44 PM
Not even one trade on this filth Arcis Resources Corporation (ARCS) 05/27/2020 01:22:04 PM
TLSS - bought in at .055 on OCs OCMILLIONAIRE'S Stock Picks- WEEEEEEEEEEEEE 05/27/2020 12:56:05 PM
GMZP volume alert! $treet Trader Lion's Den 05/27/2020 12:55:19 PM
What a disappointment here this can’t even get Arcis Resources Corporation (ARCS) 05/27/2020 12:54:55 PM
GMZP volume alert!! .0001 to .0009 PICKS ONLY 05/27/2020 12:54:28 PM
Nice volume today GEMZ Corp. (GMZP) 05/27/2020 12:54:09 PM
Just needs FILINGS GEMZ Corp. (GMZP) 05/26/2020 03:01:10 PM
This shit needs some updates Arcis Resources Corporation (ARCS) 05/26/2020 03:00:51 PM
It’s coming Arcis Resources Corporation (ARCS) 05/20/2020 10:46:43 AM
Insiders are perhaps lining up massive positions, again GEMZ Corp. (GMZP) 05/20/2020 09:59:22 AM
Get in before .001 Arcis Resources Corporation (ARCS) 05/19/2020 10:29:24 AM
GMZP, something going on, grey to pink and moving!!! $treet Trader Lion's Den 05/18/2020 01:46:10 PM
GMZP, something is happening!! .0001 to .0009 PICKS ONLY 05/18/2020 01:45:36 PM
GMZP, grey to pink, serious buying!!! .0001 to .0009 PICKS ONLY 05/18/2020 10:24:37 AM
This can run to pennies soon GEMZ Corp. (GMZP) 05/18/2020 10:15:03 AM
Get in and get in BIG Arcis Resources Corporation (ARCS) 05/14/2020 07:42:24 PM
Shares are tight Arcis Resources Corporation (ARCS) 05/12/2020 02:13:48 PM
ARCS .0001 to .0009 PICKS ONLY 05/12/2020 09:39:10 AM
Progress... it will hit hard and fast here, Arcis Resources Corporation (ARCS) 05/11/2020 04:51:10 PM
Get in today Arcis Resources Corporation (ARCS) 05/11/2020 08:53:36 AM
Solid day, held the 5s Arcis Resources Corporation (ARCS) 05/08/2020 04:06:44 PM