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Vercingetorix  Geronimo!

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Is Bayside dead again? Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 05/02/2019 12:07:49 PM
I'm in at .0008 Appyea, Inc. (APYP) 02/07/2019 03:36:16 PM
Where did he say that? Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 01/24/2019 10:26:58 AM
The last thing we need is that fraudster Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 01/15/2019 09:17:29 AM
Yes, but as a matter of perspective, we Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 01/10/2019 10:57:54 AM
Have any shareholders ever heard from the company Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 01/08/2019 01:47:11 PM
OK, this is a MAJOR caveat for new Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 01/08/2019 01:39:51 PM
This should be stickied at the top Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 01/08/2019 01:36:14 PM
How do you know share structure still at Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 01/08/2019 11:11:55 AM
Every shareholder was almost completely wiped out yesterday Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 01/08/2019 09:32:57 AM
15000:1 reverse split and in first day we’re Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 01/07/2019 04:51:47 PM
As expected - 65% of value evaporated in Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 01/07/2019 03:07:35 PM
Sad day for BYSD stockholders Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 01/04/2019 10:20:16 AM
OK good catch, perhaps he was added late Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 12/05/2018 12:49:06 PM
Interesting, I just looked at the Conference Agenda Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 12/05/2018 12:30:27 PM
Well I hope there's not a PR every Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 12/04/2018 03:55:26 PM
The split itself doesn't wipe out shareholders, its Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 12/03/2018 12:37:10 PM
Finally they posted financials. Now let’s get the Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 08/16/2018 12:09:01 PM
Why have the financials not been made current? Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 07/24/2018 11:44:22 AM
Anyone heard from the CEO yet? Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 07/24/2018 11:25:32 AM
I've never heard of a reverse split in Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 06/21/2018 09:40:23 AM
Let's hope no RS!! Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 06/20/2018 11:14:53 AM
We need Justin to verify that the # Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 06/19/2018 10:27:54 AM
Has anyone heard from Justin Frankel? I Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 06/05/2018 11:10:53 AM
I voted against the RS and so should Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 05/28/2018 11:37:33 AM
Yes but question is - will they reduce Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 05/23/2018 08:58:09 PM
They did not say what they would do Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 05/23/2018 02:37:42 PM
They didn’t give one but said by the Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 05/23/2018 02:27:20 PM
I’ve been in 4 years now. It’s hard Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 05/23/2018 02:23:05 PM
I assume there will be a formal name Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 05/23/2018 12:34:05 PM
I can't remember the last time BYSD stayed Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 05/23/2018 12:33:23 PM
I wonder when BaysideCrypto will be up and running? Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 05/23/2018 09:43:54 AM
Has anyone been able to contact anyone in Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 05/22/2018 03:58:01 PM
Not yet.. Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 05/22/2018 03:51:52 PM
Bayside CEO Justin Frankel email address: Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 05/22/2018 03:11:44 PM
Well yes, it is the same as before Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 05/16/2018 01:51:32 PM
49 out of 50 are bad. If they Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 05/16/2018 11:29:10 AM
Today they dumped 450 million shares into the news Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 05/16/2018 11:24:23 AM
Good news but why the reverse split? It Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 05/16/2018 11:22:52 AM
They undoubtedly have enough shares to pass the Bayside Corp. (BYSD) 05/15/2018 02:58:49 PM

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