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A story out of context ... may be ??? Ethema Health Corp. 12/06/2021 10:26:32 AM
Any investor following this stock knows that 'time Else Nutrition 12/06/2021 09:38:36 AM
On Nov22 (shortly after the conference) we had Else Nutrition 12/03/2021 01:43:34 PM
The only dierence bet you and Leon is Ethema Health Corp. 12/03/2021 11:24:15 AM
Talking about moron, ... Ethema Health Corp. 12/03/2021 11:20:41 AM
Who do you believe bought all these shares Ethema Health Corp. 12/03/2021 09:27:42 AM
As I said, MAYBE LEON will succeed and Ethema Health Corp. 12/02/2021 05:11:27 PM
I was wodering when american political views would Ethema Health Corp. 12/02/2021 04:41:29 PM
I assumed for a while that Leon works Ethema Health Corp. 12/02/2021 02:35:58 PM
Cannot disagree with that. Ethema Health Corp. 12/02/2021 11:11:20 AM
Obviously capitulation has been going for a long Ethema Health Corp. 12/02/2021 11:03:45 AM
We have to recognise you are great with Ethema Health Corp. 12/02/2021 09:56:02 AM
Leon continuous silence is extremely frustrating but ... Ethema Health Corp. 12/02/2021 09:45:16 AM
Whoever is still trying to manipulate the price, Ethema Health Corp. 12/01/2021 01:38:55 PM
Just was curious about what our 'self proclaimed Ethema Health Corp. 12/01/2021 11:56:51 AM
Unless I missed something, I suspect he has Else Nutrition 12/01/2021 10:51:11 AM
'the greater fool' ??? Ethema Health Corp. 12/01/2021 10:33:57 AM
Except for thying to manipulate shareholders even more, Ethema Health Corp. 12/01/2021 10:07:40 AM
Probably loss of time but I wrote to Ethema Health Corp. 12/01/2021 10:03:28 AM
Obviously, someone with deep pocket is accumulating at Ethema Health Corp. 12/01/2021 09:47:39 AM
PPS down to ),0009 on a transaction of Ethema Health Corp. 12/01/2021 09:40:37 AM
Honestly, I do not really care about this Ethema Health Corp. 12/01/2021 08:50:56 AM
I will hang in there. As for listing Else Nutrition 12/01/2021 08:24:16 AM
By noon time I took a long shot Ethema Health Corp. 11/30/2021 04:51:04 PM
If it can help, I have been in Else Nutrition 11/30/2021 04:20:21 PM
Following Q4 and Fy releases, and listing on Else Nutrition 11/30/2021 12:46:19 PM
Effectively, daytraders type of shareholders are desappointed and Else Nutrition 11/30/2021 12:11:34 PM
At that pps, may as well let it Ethema Health Corp. 11/30/2021 12:06:31 PM
At 11,36 Ethema Health Corp. 11/30/2021 11:40:39 AM
Just sold out at a loss (because another Very Good Food Company Inc 11/30/2021 11:23:09 AM
I did this morning 'Hold my base', 'Add Else Nutrition 11/30/2021 11:20:46 AM
Not including 'Manipulation' in you analysis is quite Ethema Health Corp. 11/30/2021 10:58:18 AM
Anyhow, this is a moment and I used Else Nutrition 11/30/2021 10:56:37 AM
It is obvious that our stock is manipulated Ethema Health Corp. 11/30/2021 10:16:48 AM
'Over promises, and they are never kept. Sad!' Ethema Health Corp. 11/30/2021 10:05:22 AM
The analyst following BABY (Cannaccord) show that Q1 Else Nutrition 11/30/2021 09:57:34 AM
Holding is definitely the strategy ... https://www.marketbeat.com/stocks/CVE/BAB Else Nutrition 11/30/2021 09:25:06 AM
'Just because I don't own it here doesn't Ethema Health Corp. 11/29/2021 04:30:57 PM
'The company's objective is to get the debt Ethema Health Corp. 11/29/2021 04:28:58 PM
'Q3 was indicative of nothing but that and Ethema Health Corp. 11/29/2021 12:26:31 PM